Can Iran Stop the US? A look at Irans Defenses

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Can Iran Stop the US? A look at Irans Defenses 4.5

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Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The NATO Channel

Department of Defense (US)
"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

KCNA - North Korea State Media


Iranian Protest Picture
Author: Hamed Saber

Hezbollah Image
Author: Raja News

IRIA Soldiers Marching Image
Author: Hosein Velayati

HESA Saeqeh Image
Author: Shahram Sharifi

HESA Kowsar Image
Author: Tasnim

J-7 Image
Author: Shahram Sharifi

MersadADS Image
Author: Fars News Agency

Emad Missile Image
Author: Mohammad Agah

Fateh-110 Missile Image
Author: Hossein Velayati

Qadr Missile Image
Author: Mahmood Hosseini

Khorramshahr Missile Image
Author: Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Shahab-2 Image
Author: Vahid alpha

Shahab-3 Missile Image
Author: Hossein Velayati

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Spread peace. As a 20 year old iranian we seek no war neither on US nor on isreal. Its all about politics and the game of power . Leaders are lookin for power?give them a gun and let them fight each other . It has nothing to do with people. I've seen american soldiers got shot in videos and its heart breaking. American, iranian indian korean, nationality doesnt matter we all are a family . May there be no war . Send u infinite luv from iran guys ❤
Edit: i appreciate if you watch Peter santenello videos in youtube, you will get to know my country better my frnds :)

Author — pooria nesaiy


Leaders should 1v1 on rust
Instead of killing some young people.

Author — Zen the Zia


Who here after Iran sent a missile strike at US bases in Iraq

Author — Outsider 26


Who's here tonight seeing what Iran is in for after attacking a US base?

Author — Elon Musk


Who’s here after Iran struck 2 US Airbases?

Author — Arth J T


Would be more fun to just give knives to leaders and let em fight in a ring

Author — 0Guiltyone0


“There are no accidents.”
-Master Oogway

Author — xSnakesss


Who's here after *insert event involving Iran*

Author — • CryptoSinz •


"Cyber attacks" Shows HTML code lol

Author — Faux Hound


I've watched this a few months ago now I'm here again because of general's death

Author — deathangel273


" War is favored by the people who don't have to fight it "

Author — furiousninja


Already watched just came again after the attack

Author — Say NO to Drugs


Those Tomcats are nothing to laugh at.
They’re referred to as “Desert Cats” by the Iranians, and those planes are very beloved by their pilots.

Author — Stratocaster 13


Im an Iranian and I welcome your agression because you will lose.

Author — Baqer Baqur


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson.

Author — Magatism


I literally thought this was a conspiracy theory channel

Author — Vicente Rubio


I’ll see y’all youngsters in the draft. Drop your name below 💀

Author — Jack Frostie


"Without air superiority it's impossible to win a war". Keyword: Vietnam :D

Author — Kraflyn


We're one false flag away from finding out.

Author — RockDon Zamond


Remember the simulated US military exercise in 2002, and review the outcome of that exercise?

Author — A_S_Mikael