Special Operations: India 'Myanmar' English Episode

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Special Operations: India 'Myanmar' English Episode 4.5
In one of the worst militant attacks in North East India in over a decade, 18 soldiers were martyred. The need of the hour was a swift and clinical counter insurgency operation. Watch the true story of #SpecialOpsIndiaMyanmar, only on #HISTORYTV18.

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I’m frm north east but I’m proud of being Indian Jai baharat

Author — Gairemei Golmei


A lot of admiration to Indian army from U.S

Author — Victor Rivera


I am 14 year old and I want to join Indian army please bless me

Author — Listen what Heart saY


Love and respect from Myanmar to India 🇮🇳 army!!!

Author — H. Laurence


Respect from indonesia, we are moslem but we respect india as great country

Author — Ilham Ramadhan


My father is an army... He is also at Manipur chandel

Author — Tumhara Bhai


i m from northeast and during or after the surgical strike, helicopters flew above my thought some kind of monster came from sky....i was ARMY is just to be a fan of AJIT DOVAL

Author — kishor k


Much love and appreciation to India from Israel ❤️

Author — Daniel Chupinin


You want Peace, they also want Peace and We all want Peace BUT the reason why we can't achieved is just because of our Greed nature (be it the Insurgency or the Government). One day I will be joining The Indian Armed Forces. Proud Indian from Manipur :)

Author — Tklen Haokip


One of my friend was once in a 10 Para SF Rajasthan Jodhpur, after 19 years sevices, a gain he joined the Mizoram Police, he said that "I will do everything for my country, even if it cost my life".He performed a lot of surgical strike.How pure is their heart for our country, proud to those who laid down their soul and blood to the ground, jungle, battlefield for peace.I truly proud to be an Indian rather than any other countries!.

Author — Ruatfela bebe


I am from MANIPUR the surgical strike occured in our state. I salute to Indian army

Author — RonalM Vlogs


why fear when modi is here :) salute from Australia . you have a leader who lives for your country.

Author — Rj lives


Who is here to watch documentary after watching uri: the surgical strike

Author — T.S DHAMI


Love to India from Israel.. proud of you guys.

Author — KingCobra111


India is building a wall to keep these militants out, and the militants are paying for it. Make India Great Again!!!

Author — Chris Clark


Whatever is said in this video is very true even we Naga people are tired of NSCM-K rather than doing something for our people they tortured us with kidnapping, gun point and bribing. The kaplang group are more active in Myanmar, eastern Nagaland and chandel district, Manipur, they have done nothing for us for their own people and I am from chandel district and a Naga so I know better and thank you so much history channel for giving and educating the mass with correct information and highlight our 1% of our problem.

Author — Khininve Sinruwng


50km walk in thick forest along with the 50kg of arms.... Incredible army of great India... We salute sir.... Hats off to you

Author — Royal Naveen


Respect from west Africa the Indian special forces are one of world most lethal well trian discipline and shopistcated

Author — Hakim Drammeh


People living in and around northeast knows the obvious of the fact that, this documentation is a total faketure. No casualites on either sides.

Author — Kiyelho Chophy


Good Job Indian Army.Salute from Philippines🤗

Author — Aldridge Gonzales