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Nintendo Switch: One Year In - Scott The Woz 5
Get ready for some clots because Scott goes over the first year of Nintendo Switch!

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I thought arms was going to be the switch's Splatoon. But instead Splatoon is the switch's splatoon

Author — Cantaloupe Christian


how does someone even buy a game and not play it immediatly

Author — Sonny Braem


who the hell spends 60$ on a game and doesn't even play it?

Author — Noowis


It's been half a year later, and we now have Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveler, and Kirby Star Allies. In terms of ports, we got Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Wolfenstein II, the legacy collections of Mega Man Classic and Mega Man X, Undertale, Fortnite, and several others. Yeah, this year has been kind of underwhelming so far, but we're also getting Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, and of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Next year, we have Daemon X Machina, Yoshi's Crafted World, Luigi's Mansion 3, TOWN, Animal Crossing, five main series Final Fantasy games, and a mainline Pokemon game. So I'd say the Switch is in a good place for now.

Edit: I forgot about Fire Emblem: Three Houses for some reason.

Author — Fletcher Reed


Yoy only spent 50 hours in MK8 on the Wii U? That's like nothing! I had nearly 120 hours on Wii U and now have 90 more hours on Deluxe already. Such a great game, but I do love my Mario Karts!

Author — Henriko Magnifico


Scott hasn’t played a lot of the games he’s bought. Like, Scott if you want take a few months off haha we’ll support that.

Author — BounciestBen


There's some great large games out and a whole wealth of awesome smaller/indie games. Too bad almost everything is about 30 percent higher in price than I can personally tolerate. I just paid 30 dollars for minecraft. They want 60 bucks for doom vs 20 bucks on other platforms. 60 bucks for freaking SKYRIM (which I wont pay, even though a mobile skyrim was a main selling point for me at reveal time). 30 bucks for the classic arcade compilation. 50 bucks for bomberman. 50 bucks for 1-2 switch. 40 bucks for ultra streetfighter 2. ETC ETC ETC. Come on, get real with these prices.

Author — Cade Johnson


Imagine all the money he would’ve saved if he didn’t buy all the games he wouldn’t play and all the repeated games he already had

Author — SlowMovingVan


The Nintendo Switch has been out for a year and there is STILL no music for the e shop

I can’t get over how much that bothers me.

Author — thebahooplamaster


games I own bought in 2017 include

Zelda Breath of the Wild
Mario Odyssey
Splatoon 2
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

2018 has been pretty rough for me. I just recently got Super Mario Party which is alright. I plan on buying Pokémon remake, Smash Ultimate, and Civ 6. Overall I’m really excited for 2019 though, New animal crossing, Metroid Prime 4, and I’m sure reveals for that “New” Pokémon game will be coming, Not to mention I have hope for a Pikman, Star Fox, and F Zero games to be released within the next 2-3 years.

Would I say the switch is “worth it” yeah. I really love the games I’ve purchased and I must say the amount of amazing games they’ve released in over a year and a half is insanely good.

Author — Red Ripull


And now smash, crash bandicoot n’sane trilogy and UNDERTALE are revealed and confirmed

Author — archboy_ 08


I like the rereleases because I never had a WiiU so I get to play the best WiiU games on the switch

Author — Will Winge


Man, lots of good info in this video. Must've taken a bit to write up the script for it. Great job as usual. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've had my Switch since it was released and have yet to finish Breath Of the Wild. I really need to rectify that.

Author — Wrestling With Gaming


Take a shot every time Scott says he bought a game but hasn't played it yet. You'll be WASTED by the time this video is over.

Author — Hayden Osborne


They should have an HD version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I can only dream...

Author — Fab


SEGA featuring in a Nintendo direct as a publisher/developer... who would've thought that in the 90s right?

Author — Akiles Baeza


Be prepared for the crazy Xenoblade fans.

I love Xenoblade, but some people get out of hand oh boy

Author — Biscuit WHYYY


Amazing console but those joycons are just unusable. They are too small and the analog sticks are so jerky. Pro controller is absolutely phenomenal though.

Author — Rijad Dizdarevic


i would not mind a monthly version of this to help me keep up with all the releases

Author — Acknologia


I'm still mad Nintendo is being cheap and refuses to get dedicated servers for game servers. As of now, there's only matchmaking servers, and the consoles host the game, leading to all the issues.

Author — Dog2puppy