Wood Carved- Wildlife of the Wetlands- Walking Stick

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Wood Carved- Wildlife of the Wetlands- Walking Stick 5

Mike spent two months carving and painting this multi-subject walking stick, which features the wildlife found around a marsh or pond. Carved into a single piece of wood is a Red Winged Blackbird, Cattails, Dragonfly, Western Garter Snake, and a Crawdad, with leather antenna added.
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"Covered Wagon" by Jered Gillispie


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Incredible! This is beyond a masterpiece. Every part of the making of this stick is so detailed, so painstaking, so skilled--the wood is perfect, the concept art is perfect, the careful carving of each element--you have surpassed yourself. The finished project is just glorious. I truly love this piece and all the subjects you carved to go into this. I think the red-winged blackbird is the crowning jewel, but it is by far not the only jewel on this piece. This is a masterwork, this video is a masterclass. Mike, you are the master carver. Bless you and your family!

Author — Jean Blythe


Mind blowing Steve... just extraordinary.
There’s something so amazing about watching someone do something they are a master of...

Author — Super Duper Trooper


The respect that you hold for these creatures embodied in your work is clearly shown by how intricately and intimately you detail each piece. Fantastic workmanship as always, Bob Ross

Author — Rebekah Adams


great work mike, you keep raising the bar for ideas and workmanship, pearl not too sure about the insect!

Author — john whitehead


I feel like you're living exactly how I'd like to live one day, seems so peaceful especially compared to Essex. I really do love your art too I'm currently enjoying watching you make a few. 💙

Author — Monica Bondevik


Fantastically creative artwork, and there's my little favourite Jellyroll at 3:55 I watch him carve them and they still look too realistic and beautiful to be done by a human hand.

Author — 738polarbear


I was thinking about all the time him spend by doing this

Author — txc hyper


It is so beautiful! You are an amazing artist. Watching you create plus that lovely music takes me away to a place of calm. Thank you.

Author — Patricia Lessard


Great work Mike, I really like the sticks that look like an actual log or stick. Nice video.

Author — Joseph Durkin


wow, this is a real masterpiece! your are a great artist, and I like so much your videos

Author — Valentina Rech Creations


It is said “Beauty in the details”, so is there in the Godly creation of Jehovah!

Author — Cymoon RBACpro


Seu trabalho e simplesmente fantástico! Mil vezes parabéns!

Author — Edilamar Azevedo


It makes me sad that Jake Paul gets millions of views on his vlogs and yet this doesn't....

Author — Ballistic Badger


I swear when you put the clear on the snakes eye he stuck his tongue out later bro! 😎💨

Author — Greg Smith


Yay, we finally get to see a garter snake!!! Beautiful, just like all your other projects! Wouldn't be funny if someone wanted a stick with several red-sided garters, just like the mating balls you'd see in Canada. Love to get a walking stick like yours someday; I love the king cobra! It would also be cool to see a rubber boa!
Anyway, love your videos lots! I'm so jealous! Never ceases to amaze me what you do with your talents! God bless you & your family (and especially Pearl)!

Author — LethalSaliva


I love red winged black birds. Reminds me of growing up on an island. We lived in Florida over 25 years high and dry before the sandpit down the road hit water. As soon as I heard the bird I knew what it was. It must be a large amount of water cause we now have a pilated woodpecker family and an abundance of frogs. What a racket at night but I love it.
That little crawdaddy was so cute.
Damn it ! That snake looked real!
Thank you for sharing. I'm sure it was a young whipper snapper that talked you into it. 😊

Author — Nancy Fahey


Still a real masterpiece, I am incredibly impressed, a very good job.

Author — Rollinger Marc


That is the cutest chubbiest little dog I’ve ever seen!

Author — IVIFII2IC


I've always loved your work on making snakes! but this one is even more awesome with everything combined!

Author — 코기 토끼의 나무공방 Corgi Tokki's Wood Workshop


I can’t even put into words how amazing your masterpieces are! Wow! I’ve been binge watching a lot of your videos and they are so peaceful and relaxing to watch. The amount of detail is insane, and some of the smallest part that other people may not care about you take every single dot or line and make it part of the masterpiece. Literally adding each scale to the snake, and each line in the feathers. Wow! And of course Pearl is my favorite part! I love how she has her own chair HAHA!! Fabulous job on this gorgeous masterpiece!

Author — chaseferrellmusic