How to Make Christmas Cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

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How to Make Christmas Cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog 5
This Japanese Christmas Cake is a fluffy sponge cake decorated with a generous amount of strawberries and whipped cream. Try this recipe at Christmas time. It’s a real treat for the kids!

How to Make Christmas Cake

(18cm/7.1" cake pan)
- Sponge Cake -
150g Eggs (5.3 oz)
100g Granulated Sugar (3.5 oz)
90g Cake Flour or Pastry Flour (3.2 oz)
(Use Cake Flour if you can. Pastry flour is fine but Cake Flour is better for its lower protein content.)
15g Unsalted Butter (0.53 oz)
1 tbsp Milk

- Soaking Syrup -
2 tbsp Granulated Sugar
3 tbsp Hot Water
1 tbsp Kirsch - a type of brandy made from fermented cherries, optional

- Toppings -
400ml Whipping Cream with 35% fat (1.7 cups)
3 tbsp Granulated Sugar
450g Strawberries (1.0 oz)
Powdered Sugar

Parchment Paper (bottom): 18.4cm/7.2" diameter
Parchment Paper (side): 6x58cm/2.4"x22.8"
Cake Pan (18cm/7.1" diameter)
Christmas Ornaments

(This is one of the most difficult recipes we introduced, so please follow the instructions thoroughly.)
* Measuring the baking ingredients by weight is absolutely necessary, so make sure to use a proper scale.
* The measurements and whipping time for the batter are critical to making a sponge cake. If they are not accurate, the sponge cake will become flat.
* Let the cake cool down in the cake pan as it will keep the sponge cake moist.
* We recommend using the real whipping cream with no additives. It is rich-flavored and far more tastier than non-dairy alternatives.
* The baking time depends on various factors, for example, the size of round pan and the type of oven you use. We recommend keeping your eyes on the cake while baking.
* If the height of sponge cake is not enough, you might want to bake another sponge cake so that your Christmas cake will have 3 or 4 layers.

Please activate the subtitles by clicking the setting icon at the bottom right of the video and follow the instructions. They explain how many times you need to scoop the batter with a spatula and this process is essential to make fluffy sponge cake. The ingredient list is described above and we recommend using cake flour instead of pastry flour.

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Ingredientes para o Bolo de Natal
(18cm de diâmetro)

- Bolo Esponja -
150g de ovos
100g de açúcar
90g de farinha
15g de manteiga sem sal
15ml de leite

- Calda para umedecer -
4 colheres de sopa de açúcar
6 colheres de sopa de água quente
2 colheres de sopa de Kirsch - um tipo de brandy feito com cerejas fermentadas

- Enfeites -
400 ml de creme de leite para chantilly sem açúcar (ou creme de leite com nata - você também pode fazer com a seguinte proporção: 25g de manteiga sem sal para cada 300g de creme de leite sem soro)
6 colheres de sopade açúcar
450g de morangos
Açúcar de confeiteiro

Papel vegetal (para o fundo): 18,4 cm
Papel vegetal (para a lateral): 6 X 58cm
Forma para o bolo: 18 cm de diâmetro
Ornamentos com motivos natalinos

* Deixe o bolo esfriar na forma pois isso mantém a massa esponjosa húmida.

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I made this cake but I also added canned peaches and I used the peach syrup instead of the brandy to moisten it. Seriously, it is totally worth it, very delicious, light cake. I always make it when I can get nice fresh strawberries.

Author — Tecnologia


i watch this every year before Christmas lol

Author — Hin Lee Lily Choi


i think its cute how the dog just stays there calmly c:

Author — gunz


Oh NO! I don't have that type of pan, the rotating thingie, the brandy, the spatula or the dog :(

Author — Aqua


Her laugh at the end when the cake piece fell. 😂 she is just adorable. I wish I had her as a mom.

Author — Tman


I made this as a birthday cake for my dad. It turned out wonderful!! A tip for those who do not have cake flour and only have all purpose: for each cup of flour, take away two Tbsp and replace them with cornstarch! Sift five times before using it in this recipe. :) Follow this recipe exactly and you can't go wrong! I did mess up on the first batter though, when I accidentally put in the butter and milk while beating the batter which resulted in a watery mixture that would not beat to soft peak. Beating to soft peak and not over mixing is definitely key to a good spongy cake!

Author — Yen Nguyen


5:12 - [Francis sniffs Chef's head] [Chef looks up at him and smiles]

I'm gonna die from cuteness overload.

Author — NoriMori


5:12  Francis, did you give your mommy kisses? What a good dog.

Author — Xeno Morph


Every year I come back here to look at this recipe. It has become a kind of christmas tradition. :D

Author — march mitchie


I'm not lactose intolerant, but here's a tip for people who are-
Chill a can of full fat coconut in your fridge overnight. In the morning, carefully open the can and scoop out the cream from the top. This can be whipped with a bit of powdered sugar to make a sweet whipped topping. Then you could either follow the recipe completely, or top the cake with flakes of toasted coconut for extra yum~

Author — Xion Memoria


I love Japanese sentences where you can find katakana, hiragana, and kanji all in one place. So the titles of most of these videos are a thing of beauty. ^_^

Author — NoriMori


I made your cake a dozen of times and I never get tired of the delicious cake also I made it for my exchange student from Tokyo thank you for teaching me how to do it I didn't know how to make it till you show me so thank you ^_^

Author — Serena Sapphire


Gonna try and make this for my family this Christmas holiday (:

Author — colleen


Your cake is lovely, Your recipe is simple ..You are great people and a great programme 💟💟💟👍👍👍

Author — amal metwally


I made this cake and it turned out great! I made a bigger one with three layers and it was gone in 1.5 days. I put kit kat chocolates all around it for decoration :)

Author — Aqua


I made this like three or four times and it's delicious! Also great with canned figs in syrup or canned peaches in syrup!

Author — Tecnologia


Watching Chef make something that looks so gorgeous and delectable is almost physically painful.

Author — NoriMori


This Christmas, I'm definitely gonna make this cake once my brother comes and visits.

Author — Lunar the Gryphon


The dog must have learnt alot of cooking through all that watching and keen observation.

Author — Im Tong


I made this and the cake is very moist. I used a kitchen scale to measure and cut the recipe in half since. I am in the US.

Author — dsb188