Wachsman & Waggoner (USA) - 1988 Worlds, Pairs' Long Program

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Budapest, HUNGARY - 1988 World Figure Skating Championships, Pairs' Long Program - Gillian Wachsman and Todd Waggoner of the United States had the skate of their lives here and ended up placing 4th overall, their highest placement ever at Worlds. They would retire after this event.

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This performance was perfection—artistic, musical, and athletic! They were only 21 and 22! Imagine if they had stayed competitors until 1992!

Author — Jerry Digh


Love this pair. Wish they had stayed together. Her position on the death spiral is gorgeous.

Author — Elaine Pl


They should have medaled here, hands down.

Author — CalicoIzzy


Lord, how I miss these days of skating where skaters interpreted and skated WITH the music, instead of these crappy pop vocals being used today, which is in essence, just background music.

Author — excalibur1812


Spectacular! It gets better every time I see really lived up to the stunning. best wishes

Author — k9henrydog


Loved it ! Great performance. Last one from Robert I guess. What a way to end your career. Would probably have deserved a medal if the SP was as good.

Author — Sk8FraSch


It IS the exact same version of Lecuona's "Malaguena" by Stanley Black and His Orchestra that many skaters use, including Kristi.

Author — 3Axel1996


this sounds like the exact same music as kristi yamaguchi would use in like same composer and everything lol

Author — proxy22