Dog-sitter recovering after a horrific Pit Bull attack

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 months ago

The media just wanted to cover the pit bull by also blaming the "German Shepherd Mixed Breed". If they ask her which dog attacked her "first", we're almost certain she would say it was the pit bull. Pit bull advocates try their best to minimize the damage by calling it "mixed breed".

Pit Bull Victim Awareness advocates for more than 70 organizations and social media groups in the United States and Canada, including memorial and support pages for victims of pit bull attacks, breed-specific legislation, and non-profit organizations. Peer-reviewed medical journals have published more than 35 articles on the disproportionate damage of pit bull attacks. Doctors are now actively calling pit bulls a “public health crisis.”

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She's a strong woman and she'll get through this with so much love 💗

Author — dan cool


I can’t imagine the trauma she’s going through right now. I hope and pray she lives a happy life. I wish there was something I can do to support.

Author — Jayson Rivera


i am feeling horrible after watching this. Especially because the victim is not an intruder and the aggressors are not coyotes. I hope she is able to get past all this with some help and lotsa love from people around her.

Author — ᴿᵃj ᴷᵘᵐᵃr


I hope she recovers as quick as possible. I could never wish this on anybody.

Author — ZFactor


this is so horrible, that poor young lady just became an adult and had her whole life ahead of her, my heart breaks for her. I hope she can heal and fully recover from this.

Author — Colleen Rose


This young woman is obviously incredibly brave but there are two glaring questions:

1) Have the owners been held responsible?
2) Why the hell did the police take so long to enter?

Author — Centrist Philosopher


What a horrific day must be awaiting totally unbeknownst to her, it almost had me crying for this gentle soul. Hope she recovers physically and mentally.



WOW! How was she even still conscious. What a strong girl.

Author — Oscar Llanos


Jacqueline... you're AMAZING. After what happened, you still have love for dogs. That's nobility on another level. I love you and I'll pray for your recovery.

Author — Irene Angelina


The amount of blood around the house is terrifying, along with the fact that she was ripped apart 800 times. Hope she has a nice recovery and returns to normal soon… ❤️

Author — KitKit


She’s such a strong woman . Wow I can’t believe she survived in this horrific story, what a fighter 💕.

Author — Mxwuri ♡︎


I wish this beautiful young lately a healing recovery and nothing but the best in the future. I’m not strong enough to go through something like that.

Author — Hades


A very brave lady with a big heart. An example for all. ❤️

Author — First and last name


she's so amazing for going through this and still wanting to get back out there

Author — -Evlin-


Dude…. 800 bites??? It made me cry 😭
I wish this young women all the best and big thank you for showing to us as a warning!

Author — Kajita


Brave and courageous young lady. You are an inspiration to others. Here's hoping you get through this. I know you will. God bless you.

Author — Martin Reavey


Damn. The truth is: as much as we care for & Love animals, they can turn at any given time. There's nothing that can prepare you for that. This young lady has a very strong and beautiful spirit. I pray she has a healthy recovery .

Author — Kasino Marxs


The poor poor girl. My heart breaks for her. Sending you best wishes ❤

Author — Jimi MaGee


Much love to the dear girl who was attacked. Carry on and enjoy life, you still can. You have a lot of people who care for you, that's more than I have.



Poor baby, I'm so sorry for you. You have so much courage. You're such a wonderful young lady.

Author — Commodoor65