What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!

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What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World! 4.5
In this video, we’ll be discussing 5G – more specifically, what it is and its ability to change our world!

5G is a core technology in establishing the digital infrastructure of the future and will be essential in how all of the over 50 billion mobile and connected devices by 2020 will communicate together!

[0:25-2:55] First we'll take a quick look at the history of mobile networks, and how they have evolved over the
years to present day.

[2:55-14:20] Following that, we'll focus on the technologies a 5G network is composed of and the improvements in speed,
latency, bandwidth and energy consumption they will bring.

[14:20-23:40] Finally, we'll discuss the transition process from 4G LTE networks to 5G as well as the timeframe for the release of
5G to the public.

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💬 Comments on the video

Towers, towers, towers.
Strange, there isn't ANY mention of satellite usage (not surprising).

Author — Joseph W


will you make an updated video about 5g?

Author — Rudie


This is one of the coolest videos ever. Good work @singularityprosperity !!!
Ps fallow my news and tech tumblr page Hyperspacemultiversescience

Author — RStaR RaptoR


Great video I think you must on 6g. Very very fast speaker, or is a machine reading the text.

Author — Mehdi Nili


5G will only be available in high population density urban areas. 5G roll-out is expensive and requires more telecom towers and closer spacing between cells. 5G's higher subscription cost will discriminate and stratify the various type of telecom consumers. For the commoners, the working-stiff, 4G will be the staple spectrum.

Author — Levine Levine


Not to get too conspiracy theorist about this but with AI and the full spatial scanning of beam forming tech you would have the ultimate panopticon, essentially creating a 3d scan in real time of surrounding space.

Author — lordvore


This channel sounds like "ColdFusion" to me. And by that I mean the content quality and representation, which is awesome. I believe this channel has potential.

Author — Amit Patel


subbed. while keeping up with fast paced content like this is quite a chore, it is sorely needed more and more these days. my brain will chew on it for hours after ive watched the video and just having the tidbits up there will be helpful later on if conversations ever warrant the need to be familiar with different topics. the future is happening faster than ever it seems like!

Author — Koaasst


😱Don't put that next to your head! 😲

Author — DangerMouSe


I like your video but you are a fast reader.

Author — Ken Pickering


I just did a speed test on my sprint phone, In Metro Detroit 4g LTE. I got a ping of a whopping 321ms. My download speed was 5.63 Mbps, which is sufficient for watching a video. My upload speed was an atrocious .74 Mbp, which is not enough for me to have a video call.

I turned on WiFi and the phone immediately started downloading updates. My Ping was worse at 404, Download was 5.53, and the upload test failed to run.

After the updates were done: My ping was 109, down was 7.50 and up was 2.46

I ran the same test on my laptop, on the same WiFi and got: Ping 27, Down 33.50 and up 5.19.

Does this just mean my phone sucks and it not capable of handing speed?

Author — Freedom Talk Media


Let's worry about hitting 4G before we debate and describe 5G. No company hits 4G yet. 4G is an actual amount, with defined parameters.

Author — David Beppler


Its rare to find YouTube content that does not waste my time with nonsensical filler and irrelevant comments.

Quite candidly, I was barely able to keep pace with the knowledge you shared.

You earned a standing "O" for your very informative and well-prepared presentation, and you earned a new subscriber.

Author — Thomas Ott


Too much information packed in one video... I like it though.

Author — Rajesh Kumar


1ms ping, yea I'm sure. I'll believe it when I see it. more likely it's 1ms only because it's still in testing and not in use. line of sight means I'll never see it in my neck of the woods. just give me fiber damn it.. enough with the monopolies.

Author — Pete Lorenzo


Data cost already high 1 gig cost R150 for a month without 5 g on 3 g network and 4 g devices expensive

Author — dericka du toit


This channel reminds me of ColdFusion 🤔

Author — Kay Mob


yea... 5g tech has been out for about for a while. my sis has been using it ever since she move to south korea back in 2014.

Author — Luis Martinez


I think you are way better than the others in this niche! Keep doing this insane quality work, man! 👍

Author — Whw Community


Soon to be superseded by 6G..! I live in the middle of no where, yet my phone recently started working with 4G at 40mb/s and its way quicker than I currently need :-)

Author — amremotewatching