Trump Sics Military On Peaceful Protesters And Clergy To Make Way For Bible Photo Op

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Trump Sics Military On Peaceful Protesters And Clergy To Make Way For Bible Photo Op 5

On Monday, the President of the United States ordered military police to fire on peaceful demonstrators assembled outside the White House, including church clergy members, so he could walk to St. John's Church to pose with a Bible for the most bizarre and pointless photo op of this presidency to date. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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Reporter: "Is that your wife?"
Trump: "It's A wife."

Author — Steven Arrasmith


Does it constantly blow anyone else's mind that this is real life

Author — Lucy Lajoie


I'm far from a Justin Trudeau fan, but even I have to give him props for that long pause that let everyone know what he really thinks/wanted to say before coming up with a diplomatically acceptable line.

Author — Gun Monkey Mark


Is that your president ?
Americans : that’s a president

Author — Muhammad Sadiq


He clenched that Bible as if he were terrified that it would open and one word of love, peace, or worse - mercy - may have spilled onto his dinky mitts. What a total schmuck.

Author — mm 94134


World: "Is that your President?"
US: "It's a president."

Author — Logical Musicman


Tramp doesn’t know Jesus anymore any than he knows his kids.

Author — Ron


And you didn't even show the worst of the footage. Those guys attacking with the big shields were like something out of a dystopian nightmare. Even blatantly repeatedly bashing a news cameraman just holding his camera

Author — LifeSavor ASMR


When the "Protestants" in charlottesville shouted "jews will not replace us" he said how there were good people on both sides. Now he does this. Shame on him.

Author — Oren Kassner


The church sign behind him reads “All are welcome.” It clearly doesn’t include his allies, the peaceful protesters.

Author — MatchstalkMan


Hey, Melania Trump, how’s your anti-bullying campaign going?

Author — Gary Cooper


Um, why didn’t anyone even ask him, “why are you holding the Bible?

Author — John Quinlan111


US imperialism has only one nation left to invade: The United States of America

Author — Loam Bart


You fools! Trump can't enter a church. He'd immediately catch fire...

Author — Zepha21


Concerning Trudeau. Last year, in reply to some opposition parties calling to release the army on the blockading First Nations, he answered, " I flatly refuse to send the Canadian army against Canadian citizens."
Trump could learn from Trudeau.

Author — 2jzdashgte


I"m surprised he didn't burst into flames when he held that bible.

Author — Julie Kersten


Stephen and Jimmy Kimmel have impressed me with their protest commentary.

Author — Willb Love


"Coming Up On America's Got Dictator" omfg Stephen XD

Author — Charlie Anders


Fun fact: Stephen Colbert has a legions of dads wrighting his jokes

Author — sonder sonder


Doesn’t he have any friends to tell him enough is enough time to bow out gracefully by pretending to be suffering from some debilitating illness.

Author — J Steere