Eugen Enin on USD Aeon 72 XXI - USD Skates

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Eugen Enin on USD Aeon 72 XXI - USD Skates
Eugen visits the new bowl in Kray, Essen and see what's possible with the new USD Aeon 72 XXI model.
The Aeon 72 XXI (710176) skate is the modern classic of aggressive street skating. USD took it right back to the drawing board with the design of this skate, shattering all expectations and dismissing the UFS frame system, completely reworking our understanding of an aggressive skate and bringing the design back to basics. The unibody concept defines this unique design, creating the lowest, lightest skate possible with unparalleled energy transfer in every stride. One step back, two steps forward. With a single-piece construction, the weight is drastically reduced whilst the strength of the boot is immensely increased, you'll never snap another frame again. The unibody concept allows for the widest H-block split possible, making this the best flat set up skate ever created, keeping you safe from wheel bite on all H-block tricks. The Aeon 72 allows you to ride a full flat set up of 72mm wheels and comes with the new USD Team wheels, which are fast and long-lasting. The skate is completed with the dual-fit MYFIT liners. The stretchy neoprene toes allow for 2 sizes to be catered to with a single liner, giving perfect comfort and support in every session. The new WCD ABEC 9 bearings make this skate now even faster and the new soft top for the lacing even better looking.


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💬 Comments

This Park is really hard to ride and I always wondered how Eugen would do it. Sick to see how easy it looks when he does it....

Author — Nicolas Niermann


I can only assume that the people who thumbs down a video of Eugen are the CEOs of the skate companies that didn't manage to land him.

Author — PenitentTangerine


I just bought my self a pear of these aswell. I love them! Wheels superfast, soulplates bigger than most of the skates(but still not in the way), not so stiff so you can easly jump high with them. Really recommend them! If Eugen likes them that was all I needed to know to buy them ;D

Author — audun kongsrud


I watch so much of this dudes videos i forget other skaters exist he is the best in my opinion

Author — Aaron K


This guy is so smooth, really great edit.
Keep going USD!

Author — Black Sheep Edits 衝動的


USD rules. So much variety in their selection.

Author — Jank Media


Man, this skate park is insane! All I got within 100 miles of me is a handful of shitty metal ramp parks.

Author — TheGoldFish


Great skate, I have the white ones from a year or two ago, it's my favorite to ride in the park and I use 80's for the street.

Author — lamasu


Wow didn't realize he pulled it off in flat 72's until the end.

Author — Jesse W


rolling to great R & B music, whats better then that!

Author — barrnun page


I need his pro model shadow, hope it still happens.🙏

Author — Adam Hill


Every major fall I've had is from wheel bite. This guy no problem. Me I'm going antinrocker even on my aeons.

Author — pinfarmer


If Eugen skates these I guess nobody will skate the shadows anymore

Author — Le_Major_Grubert


Eugen stop it the swag is too much dawg

Author — Stephanie Moreira