What if Germany Never Unified?! | Hearts of Iron 4 [HOI4]

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What if Germany Never Unified? I will be trying two separate alternative history mods in this video. The first is a scenario which France wins the Franco-Prussia War. The second is a very popular mod in the HOI4 workshop called Apres Moi Le Deluge. Don't forget about "200k, for Paintbrush Death Day"

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What if America Never Declared Independence?

Cold War during World War 2:
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About Hearts of Iron 4:
Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in 1936, the most engaging conflict in world history.

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No, drew, Francophile is loving Franco a LITTLE to much

Author — HeavenlyGaze


Oh mein Gott! What a nightmare scenario!

Author — Otto von Bismarck


If Prussia lost the Franco Prussian war the north will lose faith in them and join the south then Austria would’ve formed Germany

Author — Sanamana _


"if you're really excited to see exactly how stupid im gonna look"
i hate to break it to you, but cutting that paintbrush off would make you look less stupid

Author — Liirum Laarum


Ahhh! Otto von Bismarck, the guy who unified Germany, is my great great great grandfather, and it hurts my eyes to see something like this!

Author — Constantin


So will Drew no longer be a paintbrush? Press F to pay respect

Author — duskatter


Yea im a FrancoPhile. *puts up picture of Franco*

Author — iZk_3


Francophile, meaning French loving. Related; Francophone, countries that speak French.

Author — Connor, the android sent by CyberLife


Drew: Basically it’s something you guys have been asking for since the dawn of my channel

Me: You’re gonna snort crack?

Author — Noah Brunko


8:47 Actually, if Napoleon won, Switzerland wouldn't be neutral at all...

Author — Alex 3452


*sees Bismarck in the thumbnail*
Oh well, November's over anyways

Author — TheColombianSpartan


Don't shave your head, I like the paintbrush

Author — Bram van Woerkom


“Aaah yes, mon sweet baguette, right zere!”

Author — Earmuffs Incognito


Francophile means "one who likes the French".

Also, **Sad Otto Von Bismark**

Author — Imię Nazwisko


Let's all thank Bismark for saving us from this.

Author — Francesco Sorce


Damn Drew, just wait for the new DLC coming up soon. They are adding a new picture of young Mao to the game and he looks like a young god on it.

Author — NordicWrath


I like how Slovakia stays in axis after the Great war in the first mod... stay strong my motherland

Author — Babic


Anybody else here missing when drew was able to be himself instead of YouTube today

Author — Codey Higgins


Keep it up Drew and you'll have no problem getting subs

Author — Shuvra Rani Debnath


Oh No!! I actually love your current hairstyle! I'll miss you, paintbrush :(

Author — Jeroen van Wees