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Me recomendaron visitar este Museo, en ese momento creía que era uno más en la Gran Manzana pero a medida que lo recorría me fue cautivando hasta enamorarme, no solo como Museo sino también como edificio y vivienda del matrimonio Frick. Volvía el año pasado y siguió prendando. Este vídeo me encantó, excelente en su concepción y montaje, y aumento me enamoramiento con él. No dejo de recomendarlo a mis amigos que viajen a Nueva York.

Author — Santiago Ferreyra


It reminds me of the Wallace Collection in London. Not a single item that isn't covetable.

Author — M Scott


This was such a lovely video. Absolutely captures what it's like to visit the museum, and as a PA native, I loved hearing about the history of Frick's rise in the steel mills. Beautifully done. Thank you. :)

Author — El Boqueron Viajero


An awesome collection in a beautiful museum.

Author — Irene Alhanati


I have been here several times, it is hands down, my favorite collection. Mr Frick had an exquisite eye and did acquire the very best of paintings, enamelware, furniture, bronzes...everything in there is exceptional. My personal favorite items which don't get mentioned often are the massive sterling urns or wine coolers ....they are astoundingly beautiful. Thank you for a fine film. Mr Frick was very kind to think of the public and make his home a museum, and he had this vision and intent years before he died, in his mind before his house was built.

Author — nunya inct


What a great video to stumble upon. Must now visit the museum!

Author — SoCalFreelance


What a wonderful thing to do with one, s money!

Author — Aleada Siragusa


I remember that my Grand Mother had told me. This picture frame had been given to her by her Grandfather; which had been given to him by Henry Clay Frick. That is just the way it is, for some of us !

Author — randolphfreed martz


Acabo de visitar este canal que me ha parecido una maravilla. Sus vídeos son de gran interés, perfecta factura y calidad técnica y artística por lo que me suscribo. Gracias por compartir tan excelentes trabajos. Un saludo.
José Luis.



What is the name of the song that starts at 6:13?

Author — JH


While visiting NY, I am always in this extraordinary Museum.

Author — Andrzej Urbaniak


Marvelous collection, and the house itself is like a time capsule.

Author — alexos8741


It's terrific when great taste and great wealth come together. Alas, I have the former only.

Author — SilvanaDil


Very educational enjoyed this documentary.

Author — ⁀‵⁀' Theresa Zissa Rider-Rahmani


I haven't been to the Frick in many years, but I remember the Rembrandt 'Polish Rider' as being in one of the living rooms: perhaps the drawing room or the library? Anyway, it's clearly now in the large gallery, with many other great paintings, but it loses a lot of its impact in such a large space. I wonder what was the reason for this change. Wonderful documentary film, by the way.

Author — one with the mind


Him ...Him ..Him. Did his wife have no say in anything at all? Was she a mute ? I expect she might have had at least 30% input into this whole story of the Fricks..!!

Author — xyzllii