Albert Douglas Meakin - In The Middle Of All That Trouble Again

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"Albert Douglas Meakin - In The Middle Of All That Trouble Again"

from one of their last movies, "Nati con la camicia" or "Go for it".

German title: "Zwei bärenstarke Typen"

This movie is from 1983.

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Grande Bud Spencer resterà sempre nel mio cuore.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Author — Mauro Belli


This is one of my favourite movies from them, but I love all of them. I grew up watching their films, they are true legends. :-)

Author — Gábor Tóth


Here's a new video for all of you Bud & Terence-fans. Enjoy it!
There will never be movies like their ones again, and that makes them both legends.

Author — Man with no name


I want to listen this on my next road trip! =)

(awesome drawing btw)

Author — Guy Mauve


Douglas Meakin è un mito assoluto … solo con le sigle e con il suo gruppo ha venduto oltre 3 milioni e mezzo di dischi, senza ovviamente contare i Motown e gli altri gruppi di cui ha fatto parte.
Ha lavorato con grandissimi registi, cantanti e cantautori quali Venditti, Morandi, De Gregori, Amii Stewart, Mike Francis, con il maestro Morricone e tanti altri, da encomio anche la collaborazione con i fratelli De Angelis .Il suo ultimo lp/cd con il bravissimo Sergio Algozzino, è strepitoso♥️

Author — Rocky Joe


it is time for a fight...terence's and bud's fight...what amazing childhood memories...

Author — Alessandro Asciano


i love they soo!!!.But the best song is Flying Through The Air!!!

Author — Chris Brown


country music....listen to it it's amazing!!!

Author — antobeat