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The best and safe solution :)
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Just a mouse and then all you need to do is open a file!

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videoda kullandığın makronun aynısı bende var ama benim ki böyle az sekmiyor ak mesala daha çok sekiyor sağa sola nasıl yaptığnı sorabilirmiyim sensvity falan mı değiştirdin

Author — Nasus Side


why is there no comment wtf
what do i need to understand

Author — Surfing Chungus


Plzz Plzz man can you let me know how to make hack make me like your student and I will share ur hacks everyyy where
But I need to only learn how to make hacks

Author — Atherology - اثرولوجي


aga growtopia daki legend dragon tahminen kac dl arasi tuttu

Author — AkorRS