Russia reacts after US, UK and France strike Syria

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Russia reacts after US, UK and France strike Syria 4
Russia's U.S. ambassador speaks out about the Syria strikes on Twitter; Rich Edson reports on the Russian reaction to U.S. military action.

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I better wake up tomorrow to see the world still here.

Автор — Miguel Oros


that's it.
I'm moving to Pluto *alone*

Автор — get me to 1,000 subscribers with 2 videos


Meanwhile China sits back and waits for everyone to destroy each other so they can take over.

Автор — Andrsn Films


Assad is a dictator?!Please, Syria was Heaven before the Civil and International war.

Автор — Youssef Rida


Have we lost our minds? If it were not for Russia and Assad every Christian in Syria would be dead. Isis would own the entire country.

Автор — SysterEuropa


Few reasons why Orange man and US military are restless—
-US hunger for Oil and pipeline.
-To remain Boss in middleeast with local boss UAE Saudi
-To continue to keep selling weapons to ever fighting world
-To continue military spendings, balance out gdp against other factors, now that loosing on trade surpluses.
-Finding reasons to keep Nato going
-Rabbit sized mind of Orange man, the clown
-Americans that fall for it every time and pay for missiles. Haha

Автор — Vikas


This has nothing to do with me ! It's almost mango season and i'm not interested in war.

Автор — LastOfTheMaguas


"I pray for the day that the children of Syria can wake up and hear the sound of birds and not bombs...."

Автор — Purple Patriot


Call of duty ww3 ! Pre order now! And get bonus mission Syria, only for Xbox

Автор — Carlos Hernandez


US just doesn't let the world be at peace. That's it. With North Korea moving towards peace and Syria calming down over past few months, they had to ignite something, somewhere. War runs US economy, and also US loves using their cool weapons.

Автор — Amuzic


This is a war crime.
There's no evidence Assad used chemical wepons on his own people, there's not even a reason.

Автор — Meme Bump


USA just don't like what Russia have a millitary base in Syria, that is main reason.

Автор — Kurt Rozentaun


Sorry I'm no longer a Trump supporter. He will go down as the worst President in history. The left for sure hates him, and now more then half his voters are left in disarrayed by this action. An action that will cause more deaths and more terror around the globe. No matter how genuine he wants to put America first, history will be written on both political spectrum and it will be nothing to be desire. ASSAD IS INNOCENT.

Автор — Nexxo Exxon


Anyone else wana move to Canada w me ?

Автор — Young Grizzly


Y'all voted him in office, deal with it lmao.

Автор — bunny


Their is only one thing left to do in life and thats to rewatch every single dragon ball

Автор — IrishGuy


Let’s just all play fortnite and be happy guys

Автор — Jonathan Katrowski


North korea watching this, now they needed nuclear even more to deter US regime change. Assad just wait it out with their Russian, Iran .why is US occupying syrian oil and gas fields?

Автор — rocky rockyboy


Millions dead in the middle east wars and the USA is concerned about 40 killed by gas?...ridiculous...This is all about the gas pipeline the USA wants which will run from Jordan to Turkey through Syria.

Автор — Jessie Mansfield


Long live Syrian Arab Army from İstanbul-Turkey..

Автор — MKerem