Why people think they see ghosts

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Even though there is no scientific evidence that ghosts exist, you may not be crazy if you see one.

48% of Americans profess to believe in ghosts, and around a quarter say that they've actually seen a ghost before. I wanted to find out if there was any proof of their existence, so I spoke with Joe Nickell, allegedly the world's only paranormal investigator who had researched reported hauntings for almost 50 years.

He says that he's never seen any evidence that would point towards the existence of ghosts. Nickell walks us through the various scientific explanations for why people think they see ghosts, including sleep paralysis, waking dreams, traumatic grief, and exposure to infrasound.

So even though there may be no evidence that ghosts exist, that doesn't mean that you might not see one.

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A ghost can't kill you because if it did then you would become a ghost and it would be really awkward.

Author — Thor Evans


Meanwhile in parallel universe:

"Why Ghost think they see people?"

Author — Kaino Chishi


Isn't this discrimination.

everyone talks about the ghosts of human, but no one cares about the ghosts of dinosaur, they died too.

Author — ツKraabby


Ghosts screams at you?

*Scream back louder*

Author — Ali 7053


Vox: Ghosts aren't real, it's science.

Me: **Looks over at floating bed** Meh, you're not real.

**Sad ghost moans**

Author — Young Rage


everyone asks are ghosts real but no one asks how ghosts feel

Author — lyla 07


All these ghosts and I still can't find a boo.

Author — nicky .


Ghosts aren't scary, the fear of not knowing what's going on and what's gonna happen is scary

Author — Bangtan Army


My question for paranormal "investigators" is:
Why do ghosts only appear in dark lonely places with only one person to witness, why don't they appear at Starbucks?

Author — Aldo Torres


Every one is gangster until they are locked with annabelle doll .

Author — I-I Y


I wonder how many ghosts have seen me rubbing one out.

Author — Daybid Bander Becht


When I was a kid I used to see ghosts every day,
that was when I used to play Pac Man three hours a day.

Author — zama202


Ghost: *Kills me*
Me: *Becomes a ghost*
Ghost: *Surprised Pikachu face*

Author — Sapphiresoul


"A ghost can be a lot of things. A memory, a daydream, a secret. Grief, anger, guilt. But, in my experience, most times they're just what we want to see. Most times, a ghost is a wish" *The Haunting of Hill House*

Author — soumya sharma


Imagine being killed by a ghost and turning into a ghost. You'll be fighting with that ghost for killing you since you can touch them now.

Author — Qashmalsyah H


I thik we only scared of night not ghost 😕😕😕😕😕

Author — ranjeet Chaudhary


Everyone in my house was asleep
I saw a shadow approaching my door
A human shape
I pulled up the covers
And my cat walked in

Author — Ara Z


"Patrick Swayze seductively helping you make a vase? Definitely ghost." 1:48

Author — Jay marlin


Vox answered questions I never asked but need answers to.

Author — thesunflowerballad


Everyone ask "IS THAT A GHOST?" and not "how is that ghost?"... like if you cry everytiem..😔😔😔

Author — Danny Chenski