How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News

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How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News 5

This portrait of T.M. Landry emerged from interviews with 46 people: parents of former Landry students; current and former students; former teachers; and law enforcement agents.

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Why is no one talking about that the school is in a warehouse

Автор — Cake lady


If these kids end up at Stanford / Harvard and their grades were falsified then they're going to end up flunking out. The workload at those schools is brutal.

Автор — dothedeed


This definitely needs a full length documentary on how this is could happen, who the teachers are, where the students are now, etc. A lot to unpack here.

Автор — Remi


this school is producing top notch actors, not students

Автор — oof


No classrooms, no library, no textbooks, no cafeteria, no gymnasium, no qualified certified course they ALL go to

Автор — Marian Foreman


I'd be damed if I'm paying to send my kids to school and they getting body slammed. They'd be hearing from me because I would've shut that entire school down right then and there

Автор — Star Cherry


I wonder how these students performed once they were in these Ivy league schools. Surely the schools must have noticed a pattern of underperformance? If so, why keep accepting them?

Автор — em


A private school targeting black kids in a big garage with classes with no teachers and a 100% college acceptance rate and a pastor-like guy running the place; how could you possibly not realize something is up.

Автор — NegatingSilence


This needs to be longer than a 6 minute video, I need like a 1 hour documentary

Автор — Caleb Davis


"100% college acceptance rate. ". No one NO ONE thought that was a bit suspicious?

Автор — Jeannie Lou Estonactoc


Moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Автор — Andrew Bryson


No one questions that the school is in a warehouse.

Автор — Mastro


Wow just wow, imagine not getting excepted into your dream school because some other kid falsified their college application and took your spot.

Автор — maria daniele


Think of the kids that failed out of these rigorous schools because the transcripts were falsified. Those universities are no joke

Автор — Infinity Mixtapes


I really thought their "school" and "classroom" areas was just a large indoor court part of an actual school building before i watched isn't even tragic at this point. What happened to these kids, it's pure evil. Those two need to be imprisoned and the "school" needs to refund every parent who worked hard to pay their ridiculous fees!

Автор — redlingx


Let's be honest. This is exactly how the rich kids get into Ivy League schools.
Step 1: Join a wealthy private school. Everyone gets A's, does varsity sports, and ends up with impressive sounding extracurriculars. Community service is part of the curriculum. Bad performance is not punished with bad grades.
Step 2: Study ridiculous hours for the SAT/ACT with a tutor. The College Board says you can't study for the SAT, but that is false and a malicious lie.
Step 3: Have someone write an amazing, empowering story for your college essays. It explains how you are diverse and unique. Get coached on college interview questions.
No real educashun? No problem. 50% of Harvard students have a 3.67 or better. Just major in Sociology and go into politics.

Автор — Bob Bobinson


So this is where lil pump went to get into Harvard

Автор — Craig


This makes the Asian community protest on Harvard more credible

Автор — Ultimate Warrior


To everyone saying they're surprised that the school was in a warehouse, I'm not. I went to middle school in an old office building, and our gym was the garage. It was a charter school. Now, all my teachers were accredited and the education provided was pretty good, but that's not typical of charter schools. That's why the "school choice" narrative is so insidious, there are a lot of scams out there, and a lot of them target people of color and lower income students.

Автор — Rebecca Kinyon


I wish my school administrators falsified information

Автор — AgentBubbles