How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News

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How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News 5

This portrait of T.M. Landry emerged from interviews with 46 people: parents of former Landry students; current and former students; former teachers; and law enforcement agents.

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This needs to be longer than a 6 minute video, I need like a 1 hour documentary

Author — Caleb Davis


Nearly $800 and no desks, no teachers, no books, and nobody was questioning this?

Author — Serena Ruvalcaba


Wow just wow, imagine not getting excepted into your dream school because some other kid falsified their college application and took your spot.

Author — maria daniele


I wonder how these students performed once they were in these Ivy league schools. Surely the schools must have noticed a pattern of underperformance? If so, why keep accepting them?

Author — em


Moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Author — Andrew Bryson


So this is where lil pump went to get into Harvard

Author — IG canthitmehoeツ


Think of the kids that failed out of these rigorous schools because the transcripts were falsified. Those universities are no joke

Author — Infinity Mixtapes


A private school targeting black kids in a big garage with classes with no teachers and a 100% college acceptance rate and a pastor-like guy running the place; how could you possibly not realize something is up.

Author — NegatingSilence


The guy dresses like Ronald McDonald and had a 5th grade vocabulary, no one thought that was suspicious?

Author — Ace


People need to stop hearing "Brown. Yale. Harvard. Duke. Stanford. Cornell. Etc" and they need to start hearing "$250, 000 debt".

Author — Sophia Marie


What I find laughable is that all these universities ACCEPTED those kids with the falsified records, which basically proves the "IVY" application process is a great big fat joke and the private college/university admissions system is the game people always said it was. I mean seriously? How does your admissions team reviewing an application, NOT notice an "undergrad" with a birth date year, the same as her own mothers?

Author — ImperiaMyst


I got accepted in my dream university but then i realized that i can't afford to go there even with scholarships.
So i got my degree in a community college instead, I'm still an RN.

Author — Fringes


You know they're kinda fake when the only schools they want to go to are generic ivy league and top notch schools? like seriously?

Author — Omae wa Mo shinderu


$720 A MONTH!?! For no teachers, and no working? hUh? 🤣

Author — 1000 subscribers with no videos


"No class rooms
No walls
No books"
*w a r e h o u s e*

Author — harrystyles equals cutiepie


This is so horrible - they cheated an entire generation of students out of an education. They ought to be sent to prison and forced to pay for each of these child's education and tutoring

Author — rlp230


These kids were abused and were not properly prepared for these schools, but you can't fake an SAT or ACT score, they had to get near perfect grades on that. I wish they would be talking about how that happened a bit more

Author — Hailey Eisman


This is why we need more journalists to expose the truth

Author — CH Magee


“Go big, or go home” IM GOING HOME 😭😂

Author — Jakayra Owens


This really needs to be a documentary.. I want to know more!

Author — Kierra Field