How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News

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How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News 5

This portrait of T.M. Landry emerged from interviews with 46 people: parents of former Landry students; current and former students; former teachers; and law enforcement agents.

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"No class rooms
No walls
No books"
*w a r e h o u s e*

Author — harrystyles equals cutiepie


Nearly $800 and no desks, no teachers, no books, and nobody was questioning this?

Author — Serena Ruvalcaba


They both need prison time. That's absolutely pathetic what they were doing to those kids

Author — 0m3n


I wanna go to school in an empty Costco too. Yep. Totally.

Author — Destroyer Bus


This needs to be longer than a 6 minute video, I need like a 1 hour documentary

Author — Caleb Davis


"We do physical punishment to treat them like family" you don't slam family into tables

Author — Skanque


Lmao you can send these kids to Harvard and Yale but they're gonna end up dropping out if they're not prepared

Author — Tony L


How is the school for a “working class community” if it cost $800 a month to attend??

Author — Lex A


The US education system is so broken that vultures can just swoop in and take advantage of children....disgusting

Author — angelofdeath275


They robbed those students of time, something you can NEVER get back.

Author — Issa Rae's Body Double


It’s literally a warehouse with chairs why are they surprised

Author — Gabbi Durham


Wait: these kids are not even performing at their grade level? How can they succeed at college

Author — Corie Lake


Kids teaching each other from books without a teacher? Why didn’t parents question this? What was the $800/month tuition paying for?

Author — Maureen Rocha


A private school targeting black kids in a big garage with classes with no teachers and a 100% college acceptance rate and a pastor-like guy running the place; how could you possibly not realize something is up.

Author — NegatingSilence


I'm a Louisianian and it took a New York Times youtube video for me to find out about a Prep school issue going on in Louisiana.


Author — Tubular Topher


This is so messed up for students all over the US. Imagine doing honest work through all 12 grades then getting rejected because of these liars...

(Im talking about the founders not the students btw)

Author — Leilani Gutierrez


The question is, why would a 7 year old kid entered college prep school?

Author — N. P. A


“Teachers without certifications” “No teachers at all” That’s ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! Teachers are important. Which is why they should have certifications. This video reveals that problem

Author — Alexandra McGinnis


Not one parent asked to see certifications ??? Not one parent said show me your homework ??? Hmmmm this is sad for these families but the parents failed them just as much as the so called teachers

Author — A Simpson


This sounds like a cult you need to take down in a video game

Author — Renni