Ukraine: Residential buildings shelled in Slavyansk

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Ukraine: Residential buildings shelled in Slavyansk 5
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C/U Mortar tail
M/S Broken windows
W/S Broken windows
M/S People looking at the building
M/S Broken windows
W/S Broken glass on the street
SOT, Natalya, Slavyansk resident (in Russian): "We are very grateful to the militiamen who took us to the shelter and gave us something to eat and to drink and were very friendly. They didn't allow us to leave not because they were confining us but because it wasn't safe."

Q: What kind of shelter was it? Some kind of basement?

SOT, Natalya, Slavyansk resident (in Russian): That was a Soviet-era bomb shelter. I don't have the details, but as far as I know it belongs to Ukrtelecom.

Q: Did you have a place to sit; did you have water to drink?

SOT, Natalya, Slavyansk resident (in Russian): Yes, we had water and benches. You could even lie down. There were some tables, there was food, electricity. We had tea there. We are very grateful to them. They saw groups of people moving around the town and they escorted them to the shelter.

Q: So you had to spend a night there?

SOT, Natalya, Slavyansk resident (in Russian): We live close, so we left at 3 a.m."
M/S Woman cleaning debris from apartment
W/S Broken window and person at the window
W/S People on the street

Ukraine: Residential buildings shelled in Slavyansk

Slavyansk residents clean debris and inspect the damage on two residential buildings Saturday, after they came reportedly under mortar shelling from Kiev troops on Friday, leaving at least one person injured. The residential buildings are located close to the local self-defence militia's headquarters in Slavyansk.

Throughout the night almost all residents took refuge in the nearest shelters. One woman, Natalya, said that members of the local self-defence militia helped people go to shelter, alongside organising supplies and places to rest.

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