Gaijin explain it! PLEASE!

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Let's ignore the fact you got full uptierd and pay our respects to this poor T-34 that got outplayed so hard. o7

Author — Haaton of the Basement [out of the Basement]


Its like the game is deciding everyone's fate.

Author — Abhishek 018


I bounced an IS 3's shot while I was playing in T114.... and that vehicle has ALUMINUM as its armor...

Author — Ausfy Ausfy


Packet loss, ping and poor net-code is what happened. I live in Australia, and this is normal

Author — Eh Wot


I once bounced a t-54 rocket from 50m frontally, no extra angling or anything with a Raketenjagdpanzer. We were both quite surprised to say the least.

Author — P. B.


TBH I thought this was asking why they let a gas mask be on the face of the tank

Author — Super_Worm


Love your videos! Every one so far has made me laugh so hard 😂

Author — ajlepes1993


I feel bad for T 34 because that shit happens to me so many times

Author — Muki


The choice of sound effects is simply perfect.

Author — Unlucky Joe [Super Mechs]


You see that happens irl too, it is when a dimension warping SCP breaks containment and nearly shatters reality. Thankfully due to stalliums anti-scp armor, it weaken it and was taken away.

The reason you never see it because you're mind was wiped but the SCP foundation. Thus looking like a lag spike instead of a SCP encounter.

Trust me, why do you think it's in *every* game.

Author — DonkeyLover444


historically accurate tank battle circa 1943

Author — danutmh


If your talking about the gasmask. It probably means we are playing a (not) game. and it's actually real combat in real combat vehicles. And it's there way of showing us.

Author — anonymous


I've had a game where I was in M4A2 (4.0) and saw a teammate with M3 Stuart LMAO

Author — Triparadox C.


Bmp series somehow immune to both APFSDS and every single chemical shells:

Author — scope huzefa


I once shot KV-2 150 mm anti concrete shell directly to a Chinese T-34 gun mantlet, and you know what gaijin said?


Author — Bang GoBaNg


Так же было, выехал не попал, нас откатило, выехал 2 раз и забрал

Author — LOryan Den!


That's how the Soviets won the Germans.

Author — Eetu Lehtinen


i see you must have been playing in a fake baloon tank. no wonder you flew miles off just with a bumb!

Author — Mr.MASOS


I woulda just J'd out at that point, it's a low repair cost vehicle and the T34 clearly deserved the kill.

Author — Cookie Craze


that t34 player should be blamed in here cuz t34-57s' cannon cant pen shermans frontal armour while a shermans cannon can

Author — Trio Deadshot