ILLIG IML-T System - Cardboard Less Plastic MAP

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Sustainable packaging: This video shows the production of the new high-quality and easily recyclable Plastic-Cardboard-Combination developed by ILLIG on an IML-T® system with the appropriate ILLIG tool. The plastic-cardboard-combination offers brilliant decoration possibilities and large space for convincing product marketing. With a plastic saving of more than 50 percent compared to comparable packaging units without cardboard, it makes a positive contribution to the environment. With its packaging development Pactivity®, ILLIG develops thermoformable packaging together with customers, which is reusable, recyclable or compostable, and to make increased use of recycled material in packaging. The first products with this packaging have been launched at a European discounter.

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Oi, gostaria de iniciar na injeção de plástico. Como fazer um treinamento? Onde adquirir moldes e insumos? Para iniciar quais melhores produtos a fabricar?

Author — Reginaldo Bueno