DARTMOOR FROM MY DOOR - Rowtor and Westmill Tor Circular walk

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Trev considers himself lucky as he takes his daily walk up onto Dartmoor for a spectacular and scenic circular walk around Rowtor and West Mill Tor.

Whilst the CoVid-19 lockdown is in place, we are limited to where we can go from our doorstep, well, I took a little longer walk than usual this week and ventured to the edge of Dartmoor. To be honest, I saw less people than I would usually on the closer walks, and didn't have to touch a single gate.

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💬 Comments

Nowhere’s as beautiful as Dartmoor even in the winter

Author — Linda Hamlyn


Not at all jealous.... **has a little cry in corner** thanks for sharing another great video Trev, when you letting the wife loose on ya bonnet? Lol

Author — Jon Matanlè


Great start to my Sunday, a stroll on Dartmoor, thanks Trev, pleased to see you are ok mate. Stay safe 👍🍻

Author — Mark Kelly Photography


Top legend! I’m an oke boy! Let me know if ya after some less known trails

Author — Dartmoor Runner


Interesting to see someone else a bit careful about touching gates. I take disposable gloves to pull latches etc. Just getting from Okey to Moorgate would puff me out (bit older than you 😁) so I drive to the area then walk out from there. Really enjoyed this video. Lovely Dartmoor at it’s best.

Author — Sam


South to North sounds great👍. I've got 52 wainwright's for my 214 can't wait. Ps I know how you feel about gates 😉

Author — stephen Robinson


I'm greener with envy than the grass on Dartmoor!

Trev you do such a good job of making me feel like I'm there with you.

Author — Zero2Dad


Looks amazing, I think a trip to Dartmoor is in order, I’ll send you some pics from my back doorstep in the Scottish highlands 👍

Author — Time well wasted


Great vid as always. So jealous you live right next to it! Yes it does feel like you have to justify everywhere you go, I don't see a problem if there's no one about. Enjoyed watching.

Author — Shirley C


Stunning mate! I used to live in a small place called bondley, near okehampton, do you know it! I’d love to head back down there one day and check out Dartmoor! Thanks for sharing mate,
Ash 🏕

Author — Ash Outdoors UK


Excellent video. The enthusiasm of your commentary adds a lot to the photography. Thank you for sharing this.

Author — E Denby


Fantastic Trev, thanks so much, you are lucky to live where you do, and a beautiful day on Dartmoor too!

Author — Steve Smith


Excellent day out Trev. I have to drive at least six miles to get to my closest hiking area..

Author — Hike Camp


Thankyou very much for sharing your walk. Much appreciated.

Author — Sarah Strong


You're a lucky man Trev, good on you mate, take care

Author — Simon Partington


Didn't realise you lived so near the dart, good on ya for getting there. 🥾🏠🥀

Author — andy walkaboutnutty


Looks like you needed that Trev 😬😬😬👍👍👍

Author — Brandon Platt


Between you and @countrywalking you’re keeping me sane.

Author — John Lewis


Hi from Malta, great video 🙂... have been following your channel for a few months. This reminds me of Xmas eve and day when I was wild camping on West Mill Tor and visited Rowtor too.

Author — Marco Miceli


Brilliant part of the country. Can't wait to get back down there. Cheers for sharing trev 🖒 🖒

Author — motorcycle wild camper