iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test - Is 'Ceramic Shield' Scratchproof?!

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iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test - Is 'Ceramic Shield' Scratchproof?! 5

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"iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Plus 6G No Screen Edition" 😂

Author — SuperSaf


“It’s always exciting to find out was gonna disappear next” hes so done with this company

Author — Selena Chettri


“An Apple a year makes your money disappear”.

Author — red


This guy’s voice should be an option to digital assistants everywhere!

Author — Synapse Animation


This guys sounds like a serial killer, but I suppose that’s true; He’s a cell phone serial killer.

Author — Jon


The mix between his CALM voice and at the same time destroying the device slowly, makes me feel like he is torturing with pleasure 😵

Author — Znorux


Everyone: "The iPhone 12 just dropped"

Jerry: "I just dropped the iPhone 12"

Author — Bloat on the Stix


“I can’t afford the iPhone 12, I’m broke”

Jerry: “I broke the iPhone 12”

Author — Banwae


No one :
Literally no one:
Jerry Rig: Applying Screen protector after leaving a scratch

Author — Syco FragBoy


Apple: introducing iCar this is the innovation
Me: now what wheels sold separately
Apple: No
Me: thank god
Apple: engine sold separately
Me: f you

Author — mohamed roomi


Who thinks that he should include a *DROP TEST*

Author — SD1ONE


*_The Phone Is Being Brutally Destroyed_*
Jerry : So anyways, about this *Anker* charger..

Author — Mr. Czechoslovakian Freak


Imagine Jerry being a virtual assistant

Person: My boyfriend just broke up with me :(
Jerry: Your heart has shattered at level 6, with more shatters at level 7

Author — Lianvdb Roblox


I was laughing my little ass off when he said” Samsung’s monstrosities “😂🤣

Author — Cunning Foxx


Him : "glass is glass"

Me : "yeah dude so it's gonna break someday"

Author — Ruth Art


The whole world was just waiting for this video. People had many questions about its durability

Author — Aryan Gupta


Jerry: new iPhone 12 pro review!

Steve Jobs : **rolling in his grave**

Author — Antoni Mejia


The things this guy would do if he got his hands on a ps5...

Author — tnilC_YT_Clint


Other people : buy their dream phone iPhone12 and never destroy it
This man : buy iPhone12 just for durability test

Author — Aldi Infinity


Apple last year "strongest glass on a phone"
While the regular note 20 ultra is stronger.
This year apple : " 3x stronger than the gorilla glass 2 "!!!

Author — NoSkill PG3D