Godot Engine - Know Your Nodes: Tilemap (part 1)

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"Know Your Nodes" is a series of Godot Game Engine videos where we take a single node type and show how it’s used. Maybe you’ve never come across this particular node before, or maybe you were just wondering what it’s for, but hopefully after this you’ll have a new tool you can use making your own games. This time we'll be looking at how to use the TileMap node.

Sample projects from this video can be found here:

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Your videos are so easy to understand and down to the point. The first time you do something is step by step, next times a bit more advanced with room to learn. Every word is clear and explains something. You don't space out for a second. It's just great. 11/10.

Author — Pablo Vazquez


i love this series. i worked through your pygame tutorials and made the switch to godot just recently. the knowledge i gained by watching your previous tutorials with the pygame lib now help me to understand the concepts good enough to know what exactly is happening under the hood in godot. thank you very much for providing these videos. i know how much work this is and i am greatful for your videos.

Author — Up Yours


Awesomely explained as always! Your videos are definitely the best Godot tutorials available. You can tell that you actually know what you are talking about instead of just reading through some code that you copied and pasted from someone else like soooo many other tutorials out there....

Author — Jerimiah Brown


Love your Godot videos! To the point and very easy to follow, great work!

Author — TechBoxNorth


I agree completely with Pablo. Amazing videos, as always :)

Author — Sergio CandelaRamirez


Great tutorial! Would it be possible to say cut a tileset into its corresponding tiles using external programm, mass load them into editor and then generate a Godot tileset from them?

Author — Antanas Paskauskas


Thank you, it is an awesome y useful video !

Author — Cesar Fernandez


Very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing. Subscribed!

Author — Toni Latenz


How do you import a tilemap (.tmx) that was created in titled in godot version 3.0? I downloaded the plugin but still can't seem to figure out how to import into a scene.

Author — Nshusa


This would have been a lot better if it was a step by step tutorial. I tried to follow your video setting up the tileset and then implementing the tilemap. However your tilemap includes tiles that weren't loaded in the tileset that you had uploaded.

Author — George Christoforou


Have they updated this process? There has GOT to be an easier way then manually selection each and every tile. It'd be easier to implement a tileset in straight code for chris'sake!

Author — Samuel Becker


Thanks for all...very helpfull
How about Godot V3?

next Video mobile+admod please..

Author — Aan Olix


It's a real shame that this Know Your Node series only ran for about 7 episodes and doesn't cover all of the Godot Nodes as it is an excellent tutorial series.

Author — TheArduinoGuy


Is there no faster way of doing this when given a sprite sheet?

Author — Harry Nguon


Lets say you have a tile set, and you want to make a tilemap generating script for a fast-easy map and it doesn't really matter which tile gets placed where, you just want random distribution of tiles to fill the map. How would you do that?

Author — Banjo Destructo


Hello, I am currently working with pygame, but I plan to switch to Godot sometime in the future. When you you suggest I should switch?

Author — TheGamingFiles


what is .tres?
how to make .tres file?
i use gimp, but i can not export option of tres

Author — bge gdev2


what you start with is the inspector not TILESET

Author — Stu Art


I dont see project files in the link you gave... :(

Author — Pspisripoff