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How dangerous is China's economic slowdown? | DW News 4.5
China's economic growth has fallen to an almost three-decade low. The latest quarterly figures show the economy expanded by 6.2 percent. That's growth some countries would kill for, but in China, it's the worst result since the early nineties. So why is China's economic growth slowing down and should we be worried?

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Even 6.5 is good for China. How do you expect worlds 2nd largest economy to grow??? 20%??

Author — An In


Based on the 2018 GDP of China, a mere 6.25% of growth is close to 1 trillion dollars, which is a humongous number for those who can’t count to comprehend.

Author — Germain de Hong Kong


At "only" 6.2%, China is growing 2.5x faster than the US. Meanwhile, Germany is either in recession or close to it. No comparison who has the best economic conditions. China is on track to become the biggest contributor to global economic growth yet again.

Author — Son of the Dragon


Chill it has not gone that low . 6.2% is good for an almost developed nation

Author — Kishore Singh Rajput


CCP white paper back in 2015 noted they want to slow down the economy to 6% to curtain the debt and reduce their vulnerability to the next economic crisis. Why is this so surprisingly to people?

Author — Day Y.


China's economic was shutting down every day from 1949, isn't it?

Author — 江泽民


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Author — Peasant Mob


Meanwhile, the growth rate of Japan, Singapore, and South Korea in the second quarter is 0.1%. The growth rate of the US is estimated to be somewhere between 1.4% and 1.8%. I would say China's 6.2% is pretty good given this relentless trade war going on...

Author — ship ship


No need to deal with China... let China fall to its knee... we don’t need China.

Author — Dionisio Layoso


China economy all lies..6.2% is fake by ccp government mafia system😂😂😂

Author — Johnny Jr Dorilag


China is toast. Good luck selling those rice patties. Sneaks.

Author — Mike


Western media said China miracles at risk world economy especially western economy now they saying China slowdown at risk world economy 🤔🤔 🤔

Author — joke bbb


We were hearing from all these snow flakes on how the USA was going to lose the economic battle with China. Now the worst growth sense the 1990's. Keep talking snow flakes and watch how Trump uses the world banking system and tariffs to move the industrial base and liquidate it from the Chinese's hands. ahahahahaha

Author — Bill Smith


China is 0.9% their trying to make them self look ok but deep down its not the last time i check 😀

Author — J- Leone


I think they are just transforming economy into consumer based instead of exporting... they call it soft landing, drop gdp slowly down year by year instead of dropping instantly

Author — F Harrison


You can wait in till eternity, havevU not heard, WHO JAH BLESS NO ONE CURSE.

Author — errol kong


Wait out for the USA's GDP Q2 numbers. They are also projected to have a steep decline.

Author — Franz Liszt


In the US, I am very certain one sector is doing very well since Dotard was elected President. The US military industrial complex is doing very good sales to Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea etc.

Author — Papyrus Okagbue


Singapore can expect a recession in the near future if there is a continuous slow down in China economy.

Author — khoo boo beng


What slow down?
So what China still grow. It's just that China does not become richer so fast

China had trillions of infrastructures development in BRI what is 10% of overall China's global trade? China can dump the entire US market

Author — Alvin Foo