FIFA 23 - Chelsea vs. Arsenal - Premier League 22/23 Full Match PS5 Gameplay | 4K

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FIFA 23 PS5 Gameplay in 4K.

Chelsea vs. Arsenal - Premier League 22/23 Full Match at Stamford Bridge.

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Author — MJ7


I slot in Fifa 14 on my ps5 for fun yesterday and had a blast. I was genuinely shocked how Fifa 14 gameplay is 10 generations ahead of Fifa 23. It's the most organic Fifa game (in terms of gameplay unpredictability) even above Fifa 18. EA is just a joke at this point. I'll take legacy 4k 60fps patches for Fifa 14-18 over these pathetic new releases (hyper motion my foot)

Author — Lordspalse 006


Ótima gameplay Cara joga muito Qual melhor configuração de camera pra jogar no FIFA 23



from the moment I started to play 23. I can instantly tell it's a different game. the running system is different the shot taking is different and free kicks penalties and corners are better

Author — EnCii


Wow, this is huge gameplay improvement. It's much closer to PES now

Author — Bojan Kekezovic


Looks like a game for a tablet.
I did not play Fifa after Fifa 2011 and cannot see a huge change here from there. Since then, I am playing PES games and stuck to PES 2021. That is the best for me so far.

Author — Cemre Bedir


The shot was a nice long range cracker 🔥🔥 Big Flex like 😁👍

Author — DetFlex


FIFA 23 connecting people. A place for true football lovers. :)

Author — HandlyBey


Deixei o PES 2013 para jogar o fifa 14 em diante... a partir do fifa 19 foi piorando e hoje jogo PES 2021 com Patch que me divirto muito mais. Geração de jogos online, pay to win, jogabilidades robóticas... e ainda pagamos muito caro por tudo isso.

Author — Rodrigo Oliveira


Yow, you just scored a finesse goal with sterling 😎

Author — Street Don Africana


Realistic result, realistic gameplay!

Author — Sergio Aguero


Sterling miss easy goalscoring opportunities and end up scoring a world class goal lol

Author — Connor McGregor


Even in ps5 they haven’t given players natural movement too robotic gaming still has a long way to go

Author — Lwethu TVET Engineering


I'm not gonna lie movement and pace feel better this year

Author — Young Jojo305


Chelsea is surely gonna rise again 💪💪

Author — gdxgaming


Needs to be more excitement from the commentators when there is a shot at goal

Author — Vaswayne Willams


Imagine If The Real Match Chelsea With That Full Squad Maybe We Can't Balanced Arsenal or Maybe Wins 😁😀👍 🔵🔥🔥🔥 #KTBFF

Author — U M E *


Why do sports games nowadays in new gen are more robotic ? in the past sports games were wayyyy smoother

Author — young city


Gameplay looks as repetitive as ever. But the graphics are nice. Probably the best linking idle game out there now 😁

Author — Sascha Sebastian


As if mount would run by zinchenko like that 😂😂😂 and one more thing, they should really nerph the importance of strength in FIFA. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, when it comes a strong player, you can never run past through him.
Other than that, it looks like FIFA 22 with a lil difference in graphics ….

Author — Siam