A class of their own: The new women of Congress claim their space

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A class of their own: The new women of Congress claim their space 4.5

Before this year there were 39 women of color in Congress. Now there are 47. 2018 was a record-breaking year for women winning political office; in 2019, they will start to make their mark. In an original documentary, The Washington Post goes behind the scenes with two newly elected women as they take their place in the 116th Congress: Deb Haaland, one of the first two Native American women to serve in Congress, and Ayanna Pressley, the first African American woman to represent Massachusetts.

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I am a republican but god damn the first native woman made me so emotional and proud of her

Author — Blanca Velasquez


So proud of rep Deb Haarland! 😍 it's about damn time Native American women have a say in the governing of the land they have been robbed of!

Author — Lesbian Amazon Sister


Who’s cutting onions? 😭😢 This is such a powerful moment, y’all. These women are carrying the strength of their communities

Author — Redcatrobe


I think Ilham Omar is very inspiring as she is a refugee from one of the most unstable nations on Earth and is able to have the calm to talk rationality and respectful to some even like Donald Trump.

Author — Jory Jones


4:41 Ayanna Pressley wants Shirley Chisholm's old office: "this is IT!" So sweet that AOC and Rashida went to Ayanna's council meeting. All-around touching, heart-warming piece. Thank you, Wash Post! Peace.

Author — Doug Grinbergs


6:52....how she just grabbed her chips lol

Author — Michael B


I dream of a day when every freshman class of Congress will look like this. Not just Democrats but everyone, so diverse that they take it for granted, debating the merits of their values and ideas with passion, but also negotiating in good faith and with respect for the humanity of every representative who walks those hallowed halls. It is a dream that has felt distant these past few years, but one that has been restored by the stories of these amazing women. Our country can be great for everyone. All we have to do is want it.

Author — alphabrainwave


The BS stops here. These are the people we've been waiting for. Reason, creativity and compassion. Our constitution stands.

Author — Search for the truth


i'm not crying, you're crying. this is the most beautiful video on the internet

Author — Tony Simonton


Thank god for these intelligent, powerful and pathbreaking women of integrity

Author — Jeanine Finley


Special Time, Special People, Making History Of America.

Author — longho


What a moving inspiring documentary of this unique moment of transition and hope. Each of these women are leaders and connected to important communities who deserve to have a voice in Congress. I look forward to watching them grow and develop and change our country for the better. We are all made richer by their inclusion in our government.

Author — Janet Meyer


My heart is warmed by the new, more representative representatives. The time has more than come.

Author — Mark Jones


Proud of all of them but I'm a New Yorker...., so go AOC!!

Author — Ed


These ladies are demystifying the process and reality of elected office, and they seem like really decent people too, let's hope they succeed and don't get corrupted

Author — Erik S


As a man and father to a wonderful girl this gives me great hpoes!

Author — Daniel sindy munoz cruz



Author — Kimberly Guerrero


It's good to see this, a group of individuals with all of America in mind. Frankly, the dysfunctional Trump administration never has or ever will represent all Americans. So now we have it. And we can start to save America from self destruction and regain our integrity as a nation of many instead of a few.

Great video!

Author — Randall C


The rich old men have had more than enough time to show they are absolute worst possible people to be in power, the rest should just get on out and make room for the woman!

Author — Joe Blow


This was so inspirational. I wanna make this type of content one day.

Author — Salvador Yanez-Ruiz