Earth's Most Destructive SuperVolcanoes 4K

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Earth's Most Destructive SuperVolcanoes 4K 4.5
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This video was converted to 4K from HD using an AI-based computer program. This documentary explores volcanic eruptions so vast, so Earth-shattering, they have changed the history of our planet. Climate collapse. Toxic turmoil. Mass extinction. Worse than a killer asteroid, or nuclear war, they are Earth's most destructive Supervolcanoes.

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Humans :We have nukes....EARTH: Hold my beer....

Author — James Joseph


It will erupt in the days of the rotten bad bad brats, I dreamed its time when it erupts. Oh hell.

Author — jocelyne gacuma


One of the best documentaries I’ve seen and so few ads, 👏

Author — Andrew Pfeiffer


If you look closely at the geography of the United States compared to the rest of the country, in reality, Yellowstone supervolcano makes up entire Western United States- and the park is just the crater...

Author — teceyS3


YOU MUST DRIVE A PRIUS!! or the volcanoes will erupt WITH MORE VENGEANCE!!😆🤣

Author — Rick Lau


Volcanos aren't "destructive". They made life possible. The are fertilizers.

Author — Franz Huber


The global warmist tell us it is global warming that will doom us, the liars.

Author — A voice In the wildernes


a new space rip video... where you guys been?!!

Author — mra2zee


The last VE-8 eruption was Toba approx 75, 000 years ago. Why dwell on Yellowstone while we have two much larger zones in the US and also New Zealand and Italy?

Author — Fintan Galway


I'm glad they brought {THE VOICE} back, the others were GRATING, and almost making me want to stop watching space rip!

Author — Aaron Greenfield


extinction rebellion going to stop it))

Author — Rolands Pelss


ok so we are basically living on a huge ticking time bomb that we cant defuse and we have no way to get off.

Author — tomgauntlestrange


" ... THEY have CHANGED history .. "
Really??? I thought that WAS history - a record of happenings.

Author — furkids4ever


Lake Taupo, N.Z.
The Largest known Supervolcano in the last 70k yrs,
A surface area of 238sq miles.

Author — black pearl


So... we can stop global warming with nukes? OK! Got it!

Author — Alexandru Popescu


I love this channel. Finally! Thank you.

Author — You Can Heal


Great program, but I don't understand the Yellowstone simulation since our winds travel West to east, not the reverse, which means the cloud should predominantly travel east ; covering the Midwest & Eastern US.

Author — BeautyDaughtMom


We should have huge fan that blows the smoke out of earth and into space

Author — Kamiha Helberg


Great documentary. Volcanoes are so awesome...

Author — Dreckbob Bratpfanne


I think America will have its second civil war before Yellowstone blows

Author — Dave