Hitman 2 Psycho Stealth Kills (Miami The Finish Line)

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Hitman 2 Psycho Stealth Kills (Miami The Finish Line) 4.5
Mission 2 : Eliminate Sierra Knox and Robert Knox
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Intel Core i7 6700 3.40 GHZ
16 gb DDR4
Gtx 1070

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New video mates, if you like help me sharing the video with your friends because youtube does not notify most people, have a great week, cheers.

Author — StealthGamerBR ™


These guys have worse peripheral vision than the parents in pornos.

Author — Dijy


Throws a coin near to drummer
Takes drummer's tips
Takes back coin

*S T O N K S*

Author — Eijin Nishihonji


Clients: we want you to kill someone

Agent 47: I'm going to need a roll of quarters

Author — Jack Burton


John Wick: use a pencil to kill 3 men
Hitman: hold my coin

Author — Nathan Nguyễn


"Why'd he do that?"
45 seconds later: "Genius"

Author — Shred Klaus


Note to self: Never pick up a coin from the floor.

Author — David Cooper


6:35 Yes that is exactly how you throw an axe from that angle.

Author — Spartan4free


You're telling me he carries so many coins in his pocket, and they dont jingle once 😂🤔

Author — Rohit Iyer


Did the security guards really have to die? They were 2 days from retirement.

Author — Roley Chiu


"Make your target looks like an accident"
Hitman: Ok

...kills dozens of people in the building where the target located.

Author — nur arief


guy finds a coin:
"bingo! aw yiss, my lucky day"
*turns around*
*"what the..."*

Author — Henrique Oliveira


Imagine instantly killing someone with a screwdriver with one stab, now imagine trowing someone into an aquarium and he instantly dies.

Author — papa mito


"Hm, it seems like it was an accident. There was a hole in the water dispenser and so the wet outlet gave him a lethal shock."
"And the other guy?"
"Unrelated gunshot wound to the head."

Author — 8523wsxc


"that is ted mendez, one of the most influ-"

*throws rock at him*

Author — Datz Perez


"back to smokin and jokin"
1 sec later
"i need backup!"

Author — grendo44


6:35 - apparently this axe has some magical connection to Hitman, just like Thor's hammer. Hmm...

Author — Barry Y


3:22 meeting agent 47 gave him the shock of his life

Author — Anti-Salt Knight


3:37 “that is Ted Mendez. One of the wo-“
*throws coconut at his head” 😭😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Quron Cooper


3:52 saw a bald guy with black suit. What could possibly go wrong?

Author — Aditya