A True Comparison Between Canada and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) | Desi Chale Canada

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A True Comparison Between Canada and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) | Desi Chale Canada 5

This episode of Desi Chale Canada gives a full comparison between Canada and Dubai. The episode examines both the places in depth based on various factors such as job opportunities, income, cost of living, lifestyle, permanency, tourist attractions etc. So, which place is better in my opinion? Watch the episode now to find out.

The video is a realistic comparison of life in Canada vs Life in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Canada vs Dubai Lifestyle, Canada vs Dubai Education, Canada vs Dubai Cost of Living, Canada vs Dubai Income.

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💬 Comments on the video

Dubai is a hotel. You check-in, you stay for a short period, make some money and leave. A hotel is not the same as a home.

Author — Pallab Saha


I really like the way you explain everything but with positivity so that one can make his/ her mind to Settle there.

Author — needa shaikh


Crisp & bang on video!
Well it's personal preferences to select either of the two places...

Author — Mohammed Ali


1. School fees in Dubai per kid is approx. 700Cad.. Say assume you have 2 kids.. Then CAD1400... Kids education is free in Canada.... Canada way better

2. Car renewal and fines, insurance say approx. CAD1500 in both countires.... Same for both places

3. All well paying ( Cad 5500 or more salary) jobs do get annual airfare for family to travel back home and 1 month paid leave as well in Dubai... This is not a case in Canada.... This makes Dubai better choice

3. Rents: average 1bhk cost in Mississauga is CAD1500 while in Dubai it's CAD2200.. This makes Canada better choice

4. Cost of monthly food and groceries, entertainments.. Same for both places... Say 1kg of apple costing AED6 (=CAD2. 16) which is same. In Canada... Important thing to note : quality parameters in food items are way more strict in Canada.

5. Dubai offers no PR while Canada offers PR from day1 you land as immigrant

6. Social security and safety equally good in both places.. Very less criminal incidents

7. Sponsoring your parents in Dubai you will need 2bhkapartment ( which would cost CAD700 more compared to 1bhk)and Minimum salary of CAD7200 which in most cases is not possible to get.

In nutshell, school fees and rental makes Canada costs cheaper by CAD2000..tricky part is you will pay no income tax in Dubai while in Canada you will pay minimum 25%income tax which eventually nullifies the difference

So at the end, it is not cost of living factor to be considered.. Most important are the non momentary parameters : quality of life, future for kids, how you want to live in other country : on work visa or as a PR citizen, proximity to your home country, etc

Studied master's in Canada and moved to Dubai and living here since 2013.

All the best

Author — kapil bhamare


First of all, why compare a city to a whole country???

Author — princeipeazul


Nice video, i’m living in Abu Dhabi for 11 years now! I couldn’t have said it better than this at least for Dubai part!!
As for Canada, i guess i’ll be checking it my self next year hopefully

Author — Ihab AbdelAziz


I love Canada 🇨🇦🇵🇭, Canada is a free country, you can study while working! And it's a safe country!

Author — belinda moog


One word comparision Dubai 50 deg celcius..Canada -50 deg celcius..

Author — Jay11


Of course canada far better than uae. Uae is a place where 70% people burning their blood but thay r not getting paid equlant of their efforts.
Thats a shameful face of uae

Author — Naimat kamal



Author — Mr & Mrs


Everything is almost very similar when we compare Dubai vs Australia. My 6 years in Dubai were 6 different beautifully written chapters.. Still Australia is a better place.

Author — Hussain Akhtar


Very informative video. I have also come into Canada after spending 6 years in DXB and I could relate to all your points. One point I would add is recognition of educational qualifications for people coming in from india in Canada are pretty challenging.

Author — Harsh


This is silly. It's like comparing apples and bananas. Each country has it's own positives and negatives.

Author — ionamic


Hi I m living in dubai but want to know how we can move Canada . Any agent or company reference please let me know

Author — Rubab Syeda


Such a great video 👍🏼 . Your english was so on point, very coherent and continuous but still easy to understand for desis . Your points were all so true and valid . 👌🏼

Author — Travelling Tourist


Honestly speaking one of the best videos i have watched in recent times. Informative and to the point. By the way i m living in Dubai and liking it. Job well done !

Author — Abdul Rehman


I have lived in dubai since my childhood. I am very happy for my decision taken for canada. Although, dubai is good place to make money. lived more than 15 years in uae and didn't have single right, can't buy property worse than worse you have to go through the racial comments, arabs superiority, discrimination. No doubt, dubai is developed everything is there. But, canada is i feel like home, safe, equal rights. Thank you brother for uploading this great video. Thank you canada for giving us home.

Author — Azadvir mavi


Worthwile information...Thanks and lots of love...

Author — Prashant Devmurari


Sir I am highly inspired by your English skills. Fluent and rich enough that any Desi or Goraa both can easily understand and enjoy talking with you. Also enriched with adequate vocabulary.

Author — Muhammad Hamid


All the Tourist attractions and places in Dubai are artificial except its desert which is real.

Author — rez ami