The Worst Date I Ever Went On…

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The Worst Date I Ever Went On… 5

That's right, it's story time! The worst date I ever went on... I can't believe I missed my opportunity to live on his private island!

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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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What's the worst date you've ever been on??

Author — Molly Burke


I've been a janitor. No one is a janitor for fun. If they tell you that, run.

Author — tetsubo57


I think it is so nice that your Mum actually “secretly” also went to the Starbucks to look over you. When I have good friends who go on a blind-date I also sometimes go with them and sit somewhere else in the cafe because there are a lot of creepy dudes out there. Women support women 🙏☺️❤️

Author — Anne Wagner


"Girls only want me for my good looks!"

**dates blind girls**


Author — T Prime


I can’t be the only girl that doesn’t even like Gucci 😅😅😅.

Author — Noor Al-Tall


Me and my girlfriend want to have fun this weekend. We're thinking of doing some janitorial work down at the local Arby's

Author — 909sickle


“We don’t owe these guys anything.” ALL OF MY YES 👏👏👏

Author — Sarah


“I want you to be my girlfriend for the next 4 years.” What kind of person schedules their breakups? XD I doubt he even knows what the word commitment means.

Author — CruzeControlGS


Imagine having a brain that would say the words "I only date girls that wear Gucci." 🤣🤣🤣
Like, really?

Author — Zoie LaMure


**RANT** My worst date was with a guy I matched on Tinder too. From his online presence he seemed great... He seemed interested in what I had to say, we had a lot in common and he was complimentary to me. So I decided to meet up with him for a cold drink and a stroll around a nearby busy park at daytime. First of all I was discussing things we said we had in common (TV shows, music taste) and he cut me off to say 'I have a confession to make I don't watch/listen to any of that shit I just googled some stuff so you thought we liked the same things'... Wtf? But the worst thing was throughout the date he kept using the phrase 'most guys....' for example 'most guys would prefer to date people shorter than you but I'm different' 'most guys like girls a few sizes smaller than you but Im not shallow' and 'most guys hate girls who wear make up like yours but I think it's cool' it's like he kept putting me down to think he's this AMAZING guy who's DIFFERENT cos he liked someone who's supposedly unlikeable by 'MOST GUYS'. At the time I was a big pushover, my previous relationship was with a manipulative, horrible man. But I finally had enough and said 'MOST GIRLS wouldn't put up with the amount of bullshit that comes out of your mouth but here I am, I'm not wasting any more of my time.' and then I stormed off and decided not to date for a while and focus on self love. Which I've realised is so much more important than feeling the need to have validation from other silly men 😂❤️

Author — Elin


Immediate red flag was “being a janitor for fun” 😂

Author — Jane Campbell


Nine times out of ten when a manipulative person waits until last minute to let you know they’re going to be late OR they just leave you waiting and show up really late with no real explanation ITS A TRICK. They are trying to see if you’re “desperate” enough to wait for them and if you do they think they can treat you however they want
I’ve seen this happen so many times and talked to guys&girls about this. It sucks because I’m an easy going person so I’m happy to wait for someone that doesn’t mean I’m desperate ya know?
Either way pay attention to red flags people please 💗

Author — Ang Star


When a guy starts off with talking about how rich they are they’re usually lying and usually psychotic. Just in my experience lol

Author — Auna Marie


Molly I thought the story was over and then you said “so I got in his car” and I literally yelled MOLLY NO! Honestly that could have been so bad and I’m glad you were ok.

Author — Pamela Rotter


I was on a date with a guy that made me feel like i was on a job interview and when we said goodbye and he found out i was going to get groceries he insisted to come with for some reason??
Walking out of the store he tried to hook arms with me and i have never made a Matrix style move like that n my life before or since to get out of it. He ended up driving me home and said i should schedule another date with him. No thank you sir, learn to read body language.
Luckily the next guy i went on a date with is sitting right next to me as i´m writing this, 6 years later <3

Author — Koohler


There is like a 0.001% chance that you just passed up on an island in the Bahamas

Author — Lorentari


Molly - he said he only dates girls who buys Louis Vuitton and Gucci
Molly - he wouldn't pay, and I had to pay for both mine and his coffee
Molly - he wants to buy a Private Island
Me - he is differently a gold digger she sure did dodge a bullet on that one 😂

Author — Brianna Henson


I genuinely believe that your initial gut feelings about someone are pretty accurate. So glad that if you were in that situation again today you would have GTFO. I knew from the moment I met my current partner that he was someone I wanted to spend more time with. He and I actually almost accidentally walked out without paying for our coffees on our first date (it was a pay when you’re done cafe instead of pay when you order). We had such engaging conversation and we were so interested in continuing it as we were leaving that we both totally forgot, then had to quickly run back in all embarrassed and pay. I knew from that first date that I wanted to be with him. I’m a total introvert and no one has ever held my attention and interest for that long without my brain screaming at me to leave. I hope when you’re ready to date, you find someone perfect for you, just like I did.

Author — Jasmine Alderton


This guy sounds like a COMPULSIVE liar. I agree with your mom - major red flag vibes!

Author — candidcait


I think you and Dr. Mike had good chemistry, maybe y’all should get together for a date.

Author — Ava Thacker