Why is this pedal $700? - Land Devices HP-2 Harmonic Percolator (spoiler: It's Josh Scotts Fault)

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The uses market on these pedals has gone BONKERS BANANAS! but why? and are they worth it? I can't make that decision for you, but go ahead and watch this video before dropping big bucks on a two knob fuzz.


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💬 Comments

I just like these products because they look like they were designed for the military

Author — Andrew Wilmot


Pedal: 700$
Afordaboard: WTF dude, how could you....

Author — _-_Michael_-_


Steve Albini uses one and years later this is what happens, lol

Author — versnellingspookie


Not gonna lie, I clicked "like" for 8-bit "Two Princes". Thanks for making me smile with some '90s silliness.

Author — OneTinSloth1


So glad I was able to find a clone of this (actually, technically what this is a clone of) on Reverb for $100

Author — Frijolero18


You can get that Harmonic Percolator that you've been DAYdreaming of, because you've been busy not sleeping, watching your email inbox.

Author — Nate Larson


There’s a couple other HPs out there. Check out the Latent Lemon Audio “Hurts”

Author — Colin Edmunds


What’s crazier is the $580 Boost pedal by Vemuram

Author — Alan Simmns


I think there is a HUGE difference between a $700 pedal and a $700 SOUND/TONE😉
Sure IF there was NO other way to get that tone but ONLY this pedal then SURE I believe it IS a $700 pedal BECAUSE that sure is a $700 tone
BUT there ARE alternatives that provide that tone AND they’re cheaper too... Supply&Demand, folks👍

Author — BeesWaxMinder


There’s like a beautiful clear dry end to it, amd also fuzzy like a good fuzz. It sounds punk and old am pop. Love it!

Author — Jim Jiménez


Yeah. got that email, and during the payment process I lost the one in my shopping cart 😏

Author — Mirco Wilhelm


I didn’t know they were going for so much. I’ve had mine for awhile and love it plus I like that it’s a local company for me.

Author — louderthangod


Ouch, I had one of these on my radar, not no mo’
These were like $140 a month ago! Give me a Headache!

Author — Erik Herman


I have three of them on my pedal board. I don't even use them. I just like to look at the groovy switches as I play Honky Tonk Women.

Author — John Schultz


Someone in the Pedals The Musical chat just asked whether Ryan is playing the role of The Drip :-)

Author — mjdbruyn


I think you started with Cream and went to Presidents of United States of America's Naked and Famous to Kick Out the Jam.
Mike B. B. From Philly

Author — Michael Berry


"It's a no from me, Dawg." - The Great Randy Jackson

Author — James Robinson


Just realised a shop in my city had these in stock for some reason, managed to snatch one for retail price even when they're sold out on the website

Author — Ernst_cc


For whatever reason this pedal came to my attention about 2 weeks before that JHS video. I like it so much that I bought two. In addition to the company’s cool aesthetic, sense of humor, and the fact that the builder is in the Bay Area, they are really fun to play with and sound great in a mix. Then...those prices climbed. Glad I snagged a couple.

Author — The Stuff Mike Does


Great intro. Thank you for being you, Ryan.

Author — Matt DeVico