Oakland Nights (feat. Sia) | The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

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Oakland Nights (feat. Sia) | The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience 5
From Netflix's "The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience" . Featuring, Jenny Slate, Hannah Simone & Sterling K. Brown as Sia.

Visionary artists (and lifelong Oakland Athletics fans) The Lonely Island, pay tribute to legendary baseball gods, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire AKA the Bash Brothers, in this long-form visual poem set in 1988.

Step into my crib everything smells like Cool Water
And if you come to mine, you know it’s Drakkar Noir
Now have a seat on this couch made of horse leather
I’m told the horse that it’s from could run fast and far
Whooo, That shit is sexy
Tell the maitre’d at your booty to expect me
I’m solo and I’m flexin but don’t try to Soloflex me
NordicTrack all day
Squats in the living room, can I get a witness
The greatest aphrodisiac is physical fitness
Ohhh, so take of your guess, and let go of your stress
Cause the classiest shit, is what comes next
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
Change outta your own clothes
This athletic days but oh those
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
It’s our pleasure to loan those
Pumps and pantsuits all day,
All work, no play, no way
It’s time for
Oakland Nights
In the bedroom champagne on ice
I make erotic shadow puppets in the candle light
Your hair’s crimped, all frizzy cuz you frivolous
I feel like Macho Man and you my Miss Elizabeth
Sizzlish, do some crunches and some scissor kicks
Body shaved slick like an exquisite fish
And I love the way your high-cut-thong make your butt long
Now take em off but you know what to leave on
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
Peel off, your pleated polos
These athletics days but oh those
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
I pound the taiko drum in your dojo
Days in padded blazers, filing papers
No more it’s time for
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
I’m a pro when I bone but I do it pro-bono
You work hard days so you deserve the
Oakland Nights
We’re the Oakland Knights of the round table
Plus I’ll take you out to pizza at the Round Table
Pizza, my favorite pizzeria in Oakland
But bring a change cause you can’t wear your silk robe in.

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Sterling k. Brown as Sia is the most inspired casting of the decade

Author — Alexi Goss


“I’m a pro when I bone but I do it pro bono” god that’s amazing

Author — Mason Hogan


That's the murderer dentist from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Author — O E


Sia dropped that beat so hard she turned black

Author — Kevin Kaol


I was legit confused when "Sia" started singing.

Author — Memorabilia Temporarium


Why is Andy hitting on his so-called "girlfriend" who thinks his dad is a cellphone?

Author — Aayush Varma


Someday this will be randomly recommend to everyone's feed in youtube and Those who chose to watch this will get their mind blown.

Author — Nayan 20786


"New Lonely Island, gotta play it cool"


Author — Christian Danaskos


I am dying to see Sterling K Brown's bloopers from this/him singing this and dancing. I would pay money for this.

Author — rafi Glantz


wh... what's happening? Lonely Island is... they're alive??

Author — Otel


How the hell did y'all manage to make Sia sing the line "I'm a pro when I bone"😂

Never in my life would I've expect to hear that line coming out of her mouth

Author — ok sure


My friends always say I'm gay, but I'm so attracted to Sia, so I don't see how that's possible.

Author — The Hero of Goats


Sia's voice is AMAZING here. I would like to see the video of how they recorded this and what was Sia's face when she saw the lyrics

Author — Kirke Põldsamm


So sterling went from killing his co-worker to imitating Sia.

Author — thomasfuze


"Sia was black all along" - JK Rowling

Edit: I'm taking this chance to get it out there that saying "OMG Ty for da likes!!1!" is narcissistic and annoying, stop it, get some help.

Author — stickmandaninacan


"...and that's what it'll be like."
"Hard pass!"
"Thank you for your consideration!"

Author — Montesama314


Breaking News : Sia to discontinue future collaborations with Maddie Ziggler for unknown reasons.

Author — Kunal Naker


I just loved the silk robe part. Literally can’t get it out of my head

Author — Luke Mcelwee


Years later, Jose Canseco finally gets his date to be his girlfriend. At the farmers market one day, she hands him her cell phone. She says it’s his dad.

Author — Clayton Hurdle


I can't believe Sia said "I'm a pro when I bone, but I do it pro-bono", or that Sterling k brown lipsynced to it. My eyes and ears are blessed

Author — BANA Nawal