FIRST REACTION: Oskr 'Lie' | UMK 2021 - Finland Eurovision

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This song nearly brought tears to my eyes and I was very positively suprised by this incredible song. Hope we have more of this class coming in UMK this year. Kiitos, Suomi!

Song used in the beginning: "Että Mitähän Vittua" (yes, I do know the meaning xd) by Sanni.

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this entry is the best so far in Finland

Author — Eurovision Jaja Ding Dong


This song gets me all emotional and I love it😭👍❤

Author — Rachel Mcnaughton


It's a smashing UMK entry. I'm not sure in all honesty if anything could beat this for me. I agree with all of what you said.

Author — RAJC


Well I wasn’t quite expecting to hear Sanni’s ”what the fuck” in the beginning 😆 But let’s move on to my insight into Oskr’s song.

So, I’m quite impressed to be honest and my first thought was how come we’ve not heard of this guy before!? Personally, this didn’t hit as hard as Aksel’s song last year but still it’s a great song and I also wouldn’t mind this to win UMK actually👍

Author — RVNspotting


This song touched something inside of you. Lovely reaction.

Author — Iñaki Lazkoz


I did not feel the song at the beggining but it grow in me 🙃😭

Author — Tom _


Aww, adorable reaction. It's okay, i cried as well. Still do. ❤

Author — Krista Laine


This is a brilliant song, I love it so much and I love your reaction ❤❤ I hope this goes into Eurovisions 🙏

Author — sirkus18


I got emotional when I saw you emotional!!!

Author — Eurovision with Sis