Top 15 Best Gameloft Games Android OFFLINE HD

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Top 15 Best Gameloft Games Android OFFLINE HD

hi guys here are 15 All time Best OFFLINE Mobile Games From The Gameloft. Includes Lot Action Adenture openWorld Games.
Some Of them Are Not Available In PlayStore But You Can Get Them Frm Google. And Some Classic Games Are Available In Gameloft WebSite.

Hope You GUys Enjoy THe video

1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

3. BackStab

4. Avatar

5. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

6. 9 MM

7. N.O.V.A. Legacy

8. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

10. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

11. Asphalt 8: Airborne

12. The Dark Knight Rises

13. Thor 2: the dark world

14. Modern Combat 1

15.Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

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This was the good old days when developers trying to make a mobile game with console quality
And now....

Author — Tùng Lê Nguyễn Sơn


Actually Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was better than a vast majority of Spider Man games in general, including the TASM2 mobile game

Author — Super Vegetto Blue


Gangstar vegas fans taking attendance🤟

Author — Bành Thị Tún


I believe, Six Guns is the oldest Gameloft game that is still getting updated and alive in play store.

Author — Yash sam


I already have all of these and I wish there were more like this. Awesome video! Where's Spider-Man Total Mayhem, The Amazing Spider-Man 1, Nova 1, 2, and 3?

Author — Andrew Whitfield


A thumbnail that doesn't lie

Edit: what I ment there was that the thumbnail isn't fake

Author — beef taco


Manow trás os melhores jogos com o selo de HD da gameloft por favor...

Author — JM- DRO1D


Wao it's really amazing great graphics it's like real. ..i really enjoy this video. .👍👍💟💞💝💚💚💘💝💞💟💝👍👍

Author — gaming studio 99


Back when game loft aimed for creation not money 😩

Author — Ahmad Dabbz


They didnt update the 32 bit games they made a long time ago so thats why its not available in the later versions of mobile devices, and yes I gotta say they did make better games back then their basically EA now lmao u can still download these (some of them i guess) but ud have to put some effort i havent tried myself but its possible

Author — ProfessorAndrew


Gameloft was like back then the android game company of mobile port

Author — Exeintly


Thanks for this video I am so sorry and so sad about the removed games.. Will they come back again?

Author — Kara AH


It's sad back then they made better mobile games that werent flooded with microtransactions and now they are all gone u cant download them anymore. Ridiculous if you ask me

Author — Super Saiyan Bro


3:37 reminds me of a part in uncharted 3
I miss that game😶

Author — Jarrell Manning


Wow all games are awesome👌👌👌👌 nice video

Author — hashir ali


You are amazing bro thanks for uploading video 💓💖👍👌

Author — Lord Vishnu


The day I uninstalled asphalt 8 is the day I tell myself I would not download any gameloft games again but sht men they're really good

At first..



Man six guns was a goddamn banger when it came out but now gameloft won’t update it and they’re so many hackers in multiplayer

But still six guns is the best game in my opinion

Author — • ImOmrannn •


I recommend the Nova legacy I played that game and it's so nice

Author — Richard Caubat


I like your video to share the games..😁❤

Author — Xean Tv