Theremin (An instrument you play by not touching it)

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Theremin (An instrument you play by not touching it) 5

Learning one of the most unique instruments I know of from master theremin player Carolina Eyck.

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Carolina Eyck

Sound recorded by Vincent M Ippolito of Swift Road Studios
2nd Camera: Kyle Guzman


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Music teacher: Do not touch any of the instruments unless I tell you. Me on the Theremin:

Author — Obama Soy


Finally, an instrument that is Covid 19 friendly!

Author — hunterofpike


*vigorous hand flapping* "The D's in there somewhere"

Author — Connor Blackwood


The theramin is really just screaming because it doesn't like to be touched, so the closer you get the higher pitched it screams.

(I'm kidding btw)

Author — Preston Roblox And More


Imagine tossing a giant magnet at it while she's playing

Author — Avery Martin


imagine it starts playing itself at 3 in the morning...

Author — Dog


Me: Trying to sleep
The mosquito in my room: 18:35

Author — FL Studio Tutorials


9:38: "Violin players, cello players have to practise so much to play perfect octave. I just press a button"
Twoset fans: *confused Ling Ling noises* SACRILEGIOUS

Author — Jolly Knight Eldritch


Me: **plays flight of the bumblebee**
My deaf friend wondering why my step sister will break his neck in 2043 on a snowy day with a leaf on his head while in a fight:

Author — An anonymous little boy


"My bunnies can play it. With their ears."
Me: hah, funny
_video of bunny playing with ears_
Me: ⊙•⊙

Author — Raven Prince


I'm selling my theremin I haven't touched it for years.

Author — wholesome joji


I'm going to use a theramin for social distancing:

Stranger approaches.
Theramin: *TWilIgHt Z0Ne*

Author — Vanguard Remnant


Ok just curious here, but this seems like the perfect instrument for people with a really good ear for music??? Like it seems like it's such an innate instrument. I want to try it so bad.

Author — oreos


Did she say that thing has been around for 100 years? I've never heard of it until today lol!

Author — AmericanPatriot


40 years ago I came up with this idea:
So if you take the output of a theremin and plug it into a vocoder,
you will be able to play "air zones" where only distinct notes of a key
are played. This greatly simplifies hitting a note for the beginner.
Foot peddles can then provide any vibrato that you desire.
Sweeping your hand through the pitch field would sound like
sweeping your finger across a piano keyboard.
Of course, there would be options to select any key...
...chromatic, major, minor, blues, whatever.
At the time I invented this idea, we didn't have adequate
computers or software, and I had to finish college....

Author — Mr Brown


me: playing theremin

my deaf friend: *wondering why i just told him that i ate his dad*

Author — vyvan


This instrument really said:
"No. germs.."

Author — Game Junkeh


Theremin player playing the instrument:
Gang members: confused about affiliation

Author — randomstring


I legitimately thought it was an elaborate joke and Carolina was just humming everything in the first 5 seconds of the video.

Author — TN Turnip


violin: a fretless ukulele played with a bow
therimin: a fretless and stringless thing played with nothing

Author — Discoloured Buttflaps