Hitman: Absolution -13- Fight Night

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Hitman: Absolution -13- Fight Night 4.5

Victoria wasn't in Dexter's laboratory, but luckily 47 knows where to find Sanchez: at an underground fighting tournament where Sanchez is supposed to face the Patriot tonight. Why not have a rematch with Sanchez in place of the Patriot and ask some questions regarding Victoria at the same time?

What is there to say about this level? You can do it this way or you can do it the other way. I really like the idea of this level, having such a huge split between the two potential courses and not just a couple different deaths, which this level does also have if you take the other path.

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Agent 47 rips his face mask off and beats up the target on a live television channel owned by an evil corporation whose members he is actively hunting, and that is a valid method of getting the Silent Assassin rating lmao

Author — Alex Johnson


That happens when you don´t train legs

Author — Nico Contreras


A Wrestler spends his time training to fight a beast

" gets chocked from behind"

Author — Akram Gdr


well look on the bright side he saved a guy from a worse fate

Author — jackson gonzales


Holding down an arm the size of his own body. Impressive

Author — Cubic Man


Reminds me of Saints Row The Third when fighting Killbane and his luchadores lol ah the memories

Author — nico belic


I've been dying to see how to get the wrestlers outfit. I killed Sanchez by dropping that light fixture on him and got Silent Assassin though, but I always wanted to see how this would turn out.

Author — spongeaang98


man, they really tried their hardest at making this mission as dull as possible.
just slow "quicktime" events and an enemy who can't even lift his arms over his head.

Author — Madhijz -spacewhale


I played this level before watching this and my attempt was "c4 the fighters"

Author — Sabishī


I like how after the patriot starts complaining about the teddy bear, all of the crew starts to complain:

My favorite is someone faintly saying " Not the fucking teddy again-! "

Author — MysteryMan


Fair play to Sanchez, he doesn't seem that bad a guy. Pity you have to kill him.

Author — White Fang


Probably my favorite mission in the entire game, hell the whole game is absolutely amazing.

Author — The Batman


Well, I just threw a C4 at the ring xD
Finished the mission in a minute :p

Author — Jisatsu Yoru


It was easier to kill Sanchez with the light fixture cutting Sanchez into pieces. But I killed everyone in the other room slowly instaed of how you did it.

Author — 77BeatsPerMinute


good job!!!
but i completed in a different way, if we pull the lever up stairs the whole cage falls over that big ass!!!!

Author — peter parker


Im kinda sad for that guy with teddy. :P

Author — Lazar Djurdjevic


for those who are playing on pc the third attack will be "Q" several times

Author — Yash Singh Productions


Actually I had never beat the game all the way on Purist before this walkthrough. In fact I had only finished the whole game once and that was mostly on Normal difficulty.

Author — JohnnyDFox


you can´t kill Machete like that.... poor boy haha

Author — Damian Brener


I love that little melody when you kill Sanchez

Author — MegaGupka