TALKING BEN Roblox Story! Yes, No, Hahaha - FGTeeV vs. the Psycho Dog

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I just wanted to play at Tommy's House but nope, we had to call BEN! Bad idea!

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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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I have been sick a couple of days but thanks to you you keep me happy :D

Author — Corazon Debbeler


i love to see this has still been popular but kinda grow up a little probally do some more diffrent game plays like a series kinda like a playlist.Also i just wanna say that u are a great youtuber so keep up the content love ur vids.

Author — Qxl


I can not bealive how much time and effort you putted on the intro with the book it's so amazing keep the work :)

Author — Monika


I have a cat and her name is Cliff and watching this with her thank you for doing that that was hilarious

Author — Wrin Lancaster


I love your videos i watch them every day <3

Author — None Ya


I’ve been here since 2014 i love the vids keep it up

Author — Mars king


i have been supporting this channel for years and i still love the vids

Author — ° kate_gacha °


I’m James. I’m 10. I would love to play some VR with Shawn and Chase. My Nanna who I live with can’t afford the VR headset. I like watching your videos and I wish I had parents like you. Keep playing and making videos and I will keep watching. Love you guys.

Author — Penny Wilson


Who loves dudz let's just take a moment to appreciate how much time they put in the videos for us all to enjoy

Author — cookies group of 2


I remember when I was young I watched this channel all the time I still do

Author — Tanjiro Kamado


I love your vid's fgteev. i watch ur videos everyday!

Author — Vensku.p


Hi fgteev I love how you make me laugh you make my day when I have a bad day I watch and you make me smile have a great day.

Author — Joanna Solorio


I have been watching Fgteev since i was 4 and they never failed to make me have 100 laughs a day.
On a completely related note: my mom took me to a hospital cuz she thought i was a physcopath cuz of my laughing lol

Author — SmallElf~


I've watched this channel and i'm so happy that even while the fam and us grow up, we all still have that joy you gave us...

Author — The White Rabbit


Hi Fgteev, I have been watching you since I was 5, you are honestly my OG ytber

Author — ********


My day had been dreadful, but thanks to you, it is now much better. This is definitely one of the best videos I have watched today! This is awesome and I love it! 🥰💕I will surely go back for more! Enjoyed it a lot. Fully watched! 🥰🥰.

Author — Negosyo Manila


this feels like the good old days with chase years ago i still miss those days

Author — Reshma Ramnarine


Love the new book you are inspiring me all of your videos you're the most cool person ever tell Sean he's amazing

Author — Taylor Southwood


I remember this when I was young but now I'm 15 I'm still watching this cause this was my favourite childhood memories :'], on the future maybe I become a youtuber like you!

Author — Digital_Rolland


guys lets appreciate how long he took to edit this 😄

Author — caitishere