Nathan Sharp - Mob Psycho 99

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

All credits of the cover go to Nate Wants To Battle.
If by any chance you are seeing this, please do not share, Nate made a video explaining a copyright problem he had and he won't be uploading anime cover videos to Youtube any time soon. I seriously beg you to hear the original in Spotify and not here, this is only for a youtube music playlist I have and usually use. Thanks

Series and Manga creator: One

Series directed by: Yuzuru Tachikawa

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this was better than the original. played it alongside the jpop version and it was awesome sounding. nate outdid himself for this cover.

Author — TheMaskedDood


"Your life is your own, okay? Sometimes you learn to runaway."
That lyric is so fucking good!!!

Author — Trainer Orange


Who knew counting to 99 could be so bad-ass?!

Author — Primray Dreamer


I have never been happier to hear a man counting

Author — Mr. Jazz


Teacher: "Ok class, let's count to 100"

Author — Phoxal


This song is just the right length and hype for some short burst exercises and help holding some long ass planks.

Author — MoonPalm


thanks for re-uploading Nate's deleted cover. it was BS that it was taken down.

Author — gcervantes47


Mob looks like he's just set a trap card, IMO.

Author — HighSlayer Ralton


Me: I don't think this song could be improved
Nate: Oh really?
YouTube: Stop right there, it's too awesome
You: This can't disappear
Me: Well I know what I'm listening to for the next few months

Author — Matt Friesen


Teacher: Child, do you know how to count to 100?
Child: I can only count to 99, sorry! D:
Teacher: Well can you please count to 99 for me?
*song plays*

Author — minimanofiron


Cool that this song has some good covers, but none comes close to the original. One of the best anime openers of all time IMO.

Author — whyamithewerewolf


Es el mejor cover en ingles que eh escuchado hasta ahora !

Author — Gabriela Testa Roman


Es una pena que viera el anime mucho después de que borraran su cover tan genial :'v gracias por resubirlo.... Es simplemente increíble

Author — Nataly Espinoza


As my auto correct would put it, this is ducking awesome!

Author — Cameron Yu


i was literally feeling bad a minute ago now i want to go sky diving while wrestling a bear wtf

Author — bunnyotaku777


Can anyone post lyrics to this? It'd be much appreciated <3

Author — Dez


The most badass way to learn how to count to a 100

Author — TTV Changes


I want Nathan to be my math teacher LOL

Author — ANTI- ROXAS


mob:"i'll set this trap card and summon this card"
me:"WRONG ANIME!!1!!"

Author — Menacing Menace


Idk why but every time Nate says "Mob" I go BOB!

Author — Jaimelee