ENDED!! Confetti Collection April 2021

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Hey Andrea! I’m so late watching this because I was waiting for my box & wanted to be surprised. Well Fedex delivered it to someone else. Dang. I like everything. It’s such a fun box. I rate it with silver stars.

Author — Mary Catherine Loves Cats


Since I quit dying my hair....I have silver at my temples.

Author — Rhonda Holt


Oh my gosh that was a crazy 🤪 comment! I'm not that creative, lol. I'm so happy the storm clouds here haven't been black. They have been dark grey and scary though. Today we finally see the silver lining! SUNNY SKIES 🌞☀

Author — Misty Ruddell


That clipboard is so pretty! I always love your videos because you’re positive and always finding the silver lining ❤️

Author — Samantha Fun


That was a strange organizational box. It was different.

Author — Charlene Cress


The silver star and cactus cord keepers were cute. I’ve been meaning to buy some but I didn’t know you could get cute designs like those.

Author — Leia Wood


I love the bag with the gold lips on it. I would like it even better if it was in silver. I'm more of a silver than a gold person.

Author — Karen Larossa


I love the clipboard! Too bad the flowers weren't silver.

Author — Karina Bak


I love silver over gold. Always have. I've learned it's probably because of my skintone (I'm more a Winter)

Author — Red Caboose


You are always a silver lining to my day 💕

Author — Elaine Cooper


I might be an old lady with silver hair but watching your videos take me back to younger days.

Author — Bre's Little Yarn Cornor


I love the journal, wristlet, and cord holders a lot! I am glad the hardware on the wristlet is gold instead of silver. I think it gives it a little more of an expensive look.

Author — Melly G


I just got a new silver necklace. I’m just loving it!!🙂

Author — Cheree Smith


I don’t really wear a lot of Silver jewelry - usually I prefer Gold jewelry.

Author — Kathie From Missouri, USA


I love the silver cord keepers! You are so fun to watch!

Author — Froggywentaknitting


I wish the lip bag came in silver. I do like this box.

Author — Beth Elrod


This is a cute box. I prefer silver accents on accessories over gold.

Author — Danna Tweedy


I love me some stationary ♥️ I always look forward to getting this box 👍🏼

Author — Isabel Arce


Very interesting box this month. The trinket box and the journal were my favorite items. I prefer gold over silver jewelry.

Author — Stacie Notinokey


amazing box!! love seeing u open this subscription box. that wish jar is too cute. the cord keepers would be great for ur earphones. living for that kiss bag.

Author — Chelsie Gainey