Calls To Defund The Police Intensify While Trump Attacks Buffalo Man Assaulted By The Cops

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Calls To Defund The Police Intensify While Trump Attacks Buffalo Man Assaulted By The Cops 5

If and when President Trump addresses the nation regarding race and unity, it may be too little, too late for the millions who have already taken to the streets demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to systemic racism. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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I'm so proud of Jon Batiste for bringing music to the march and lending his voice to the cause.

Author — MusicYT


God bless Jon Batiste! He's a national treasure.

Author — Kat McClaw


Kneeling in protest is “disrespecting flag” but waiving confederate flags and nazi flags is “their rights”. Hmmmm

Author — usfdave10


Fox and my one black friend was an underrated joke

Author — Stephen


Credit where it is due, senator Willard Mitt Romney not only walked with protesters, but he did it with no security whatsoever. It was just him and whoever else was marching. That was very courageous of him and acknowledgable because he was the only Republican in the Senate of the United States of America to march with the protesters.

Author — Lucis Ferre


"61% disapprove of Trump's handling of the protest", that sounds nice but it is still pretty disturbing that 39% don't disapprove.

Author — LiamborninDC


Romney, the first Republican to march. Probably the only Republican to march.

Author — Cathy Elings-Sysel


The only speech Trump should give is the one announcing his resignation.

Author — TighelanderII


Never liked Romney, will have to make an exception, there is a time when we need to stand together for justice.

Author — Theodore Sweger


I used to like Jon Batiste before. Now I love him.

Author — Monkeyman


that elderly man falling literally had blood dripping out of his ear :((((

Author — Jon Switch


From Sweden: I hope, from the bottom of my heart that he won't be reelected. I find it difficult to have democratic respect for his base already, four more yeares than You have lost Yourself to the big clown, the next step will be to start a big wars, perhaps in Europes close wicinity, just to claim the laws on war in the USA. I do feel sorry for you, and somewhat scared fro the behalf of the rest of the world what delirius idea he might produce from his skull.

Author — leo hog


Regarding defunding police: Compare doctors having to wear plastic bags and reuse masks during a pandemic vs police wearing trillions of dollars in militarized gear. Our doctors and nurses are dying for lack of PPE while these overseers have a never-ending supply of militarized weaponry. That's criminal.

Author — divina6


"Trump is thinking of replacing his son in law. We know, sir, we've seen the pictures." DAMN, I felt the heat from that burn.

Author — Suffergenius1


I hope that despicable tweet about Martin Gugino loses him every - single - senior citizen vote in the country!

Author — Jade Valour


Never thought I'd have Mitt Romney's back. Took him long enough to grow a spine, but better late than never.

Author — Renato Corvaro


Being anti-facist is a good thing, Gugino's hands were free, and yes you can fall harder than the initial push - it's called Gravity. -_-)

Author — Dragon50275


My best friend was County health officer 24 yrs. We were depressed every year because the county clinic had never been upgraded always under funded and she had lead the mental health clinic but the Police got the Lions share of our budget every year. Our joke was sadly the built themselves the Police Palace. A new police station when the County clinic where I was born has not been updated in 49 yrs but the police station was about 10-15 years old. Defund should be called re-Allocate.

Author — Adrienne Bolles


“Flushable wipe that wished to be a real boy.” And I’m deceased 😂💀

Author — SanDeezy_ Breezy


*Why did the chicken cross the road?*
To have his picture taken in front of a church he never attends, holding a Bible he's never read.

Author — Suzy Q