DCS World BFM - Defensive BFM 4 - Redefinitions

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This series will cover the essentials of Defensive BFM that you need to survive. The aim of this video is to show how to change the geometry of the fight to continue to present new problems to the Bandit after the initial break.

0:00 Intro and caveats
1:28 Aim of the video
1:45 Redefinition cues
2:34 Rate/Radius redefinition
3:49 Rate/Radius errors
4:44 Bandit errors
6:20 Ditch redefinition
7:30 Ditch errors
8:26 Conclusion

By the end of this video, you will understand:
- The importance of correctly timing your redefinition.
- The geometry and mechanics of both types of redefinition.
- Redefinition cues.

I'm not a fighter pilot. While these videos are based on real tactics, they are for context only and are only relevant in a game environment. This is based on my own understanding and is not professionally authoritative. Accordingly, the tenets in this video are the ones I apply, and not some official law that fighter pilots live by.

As always, I hope you enjoy it. Please like and subscribe if you feel I have helped you better understand the topic, and I'll see you again soon.

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Fantastic to see you back with another entry in this series. The delivery of information throughout has been excellent. I’ve learnt so much. Thank you.

Author — Leaddinosaur


Absolutely fantastic video. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this most educational series of videos.

Author — D C


Excellent explanation and editing, Tyro. Looking forward to the next one.

Author — The Ops Center By Mike Solyom


Great video. Thanks for the valuable lessons. I'll check out the rest of your videos.

Author — Fight's On Military Aviation Enthusiasts


I've been waiting for so long, thanks for making a new video! You have no idea how great and informative your videos are, even though they are not authoritative. 😁

Author — SmoglessPanic


Thanks, this is a great BFM tutorial!

Author — Malachi 81


Excellent video once again pal, great stuff.

Author — Tactical Pascale


Another excellent entry into arguably the very best BFM course on youtube

Author — Ryan LeGrand


Informative thank you i have a question in this situation would you be using flares or chaffs or is it simply a case of forcing a change to your advantage.

Author — Apocalyptic Weasel


what would yo do if you have an anemy behind you with adjustable thrust nozzles? there you loose any fight if he's behind you right?

Author — a


Are reading from a script? You would be better talking through the sequence of events rather than reading a prewritten script.

Author — FIGJAM