Coleman Hughes - Race & Identity Politics | Exploring Minds w/ Michele Carroll Ep. 6

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

In this full episode of "Exploring Minds", Michele Carroll and Coleman Hughes explore Coleman's views on racism, identity politics, and the wealth gap in the United States. Coleman dives deep into his polarizing opinions on police brutality, white guilt, affirmative action, the "n" word, and how he came to his current view on identity politics.

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If America ever grows up, it could be a lot like Coleman Hughes.

Author — Benjamin Perez


Whether you agree or disagree with his views, Coleman exudes authenticity & always provides hearty food for thought while leaving his emotions to one side. That's SO refreshing and hope-inspiring during today's emotionally reactive group-think culture.

Author — Elle


This guy is so impressive. It's really hard to grapple with how a 22 year old could have this much invaluable insight on such a complex topic.

Author — Blue Chain


America needs voices of real thought like Coleman Hughes now more than ever.

Author — max chang


Mr Hughes is an impressive thinker. Thanks for having him on.

Author — Mike Saenz


Coleman's courage is incredible. Publicly holding an opinion that can make or break friendships despite its validity is an issue I struggle with personally. Thank you for standing up for what you believe is truth.

Author — Melvin Mallari


It's so cool to see a young person formulate their ideas in sound arguments, rather than ranting and screaming on the streets. :) Learned a great deal from this young man - really awesome interview :) Thank you Michelle - new sub :)

Author — Victoria Darby


This young man blessed with a maturity and intellect that I don’t see in most adults myself included.

Author — Michael Parsons


I just found this guy; I really like how he isn’t a “conservative” or a “liberal.”

Author — Stephan Garcia


i really like this brother; very thoughtful and intelligent. i have been listening to his interviews and reading everything he has written lately.

Author — Opt Out


I must say I definitely enjoyed watching this a lot more than any debate on mainstream news channels where people just talk over each other and refuse to listen to the other person's views. This certainly was a breath of fresh air and I'm a big fan Coleman and after watching this video I am now also a big fan of Michele :). It would be interesting to see you have Larry Elder on this show !

Author — Nicho & Adri (Sweden & US)


Listening to you guys talk gives me hope for rational discourse.

Author — BlackBeltMonkeySong


It was refreshing to see the interviewer admit when she didn't understand a word, concept or a bit of statistics.
For example:
-the concept of eugenics.
-the stats re race, cultural norms, wealth & income, crime & the police and so on. It's so important to understand the difference between per capita vs group and population averages.
-the term 'silo'.
-understanding how common a 1 in a billion thing can be given a baseline population of 350 million. It's quite shocking how most people don't understand basic statistics.
So, anytime a host will ask for clarification and help the audience get better acquainted with statistical data, the better.
Better to ask & go in depth into a particular issue than pretend to understand, as most mainstream hosts will do, and leave the issue hanging without proper analysis.
So, good for you for asking when you didn't quite understand a particular term or concept.

Author — Y Tehrani


Terrific guest, classy presentation and an interviewer who asks questions because she *wants to learn something!*

I wish you many years success!

And thank you.

Author — Vince Lang


Thank heavens for Coleman Hughes. He's cool, cerebral, and compelling. I wish him a long and successful career as an academic or anything other enterprise he takes on later in his life.

Author — Gordon Hardy


Intelligent guy, he gives me hope that this country isn't completely screwed. Keep up the good work Coleman!

Author — Friendly Raid


Mr. Hughes is the man. I find myself agreeing with about 95% of what he says. Such a relief listening to him

Author — H0tt MeSS


One cannot come away from listening to Coleman Hughes without feeling impressed and enlightened.

Author — John Legar


What a great interview. Its hard to believe Coleman is 22 years old. Great conversation.

Michelle Carroll was very well prepared. She seems to have read everything he's written and has watched his previous interviews and was able to direct the conversation to new waters.

Author — Tim


By far the best guest you have interviewed. This man is a truth-seeker, a genuine rationalist and a first rate thinker. We need more people like him and far fewer loudmouths airing their worthless opinions.

Author — Jesse Sewell