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Bulldog Is So Protective Of His Baby Brothers | This bulldog was an only child but when his human brothers were born, he immediately knew how to take care of them 💗👶

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Anyone hesitating getting a dog....because they dont live as long as we do. Let me tell you. Dogs are like fireworks. A intense bright light destined to only shine for a brief moment. But that moment is filled with joy, happyness and love. I dont know about you. But I think choosing to never see fireworks because the light does not last forever...is the wrong way to think. Yes you have to endure the dark when the show is over. But id rather have experienced that light in my life than never have seen it at all.

Author — Nathan


He will be the most precious memory of your children when they are growing up.

Author — Kwodd Bangkok


_"My dog taught me how to climb up the stairs when I was a baby"_

Author — MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox


“I know he is not gonna be around here forever”

Yeah I know, why God doesn’t make dog immortal right?

Author — Marcelino Adiska


He has soo much personality. I love intelligent dogs like that. It's a shame they don't live very long. He is weirdly both lazy and active

Author — Sriram Sridhara


When the mom said that he's not going to be around forever, that really broke my heart. 😢💔

Author — A Promise Is A Promise


I don't want to seem exaggerated but this type of special connection between humans and dogs makes me emotional. You know, the tears type of emotional.
Hi from Italy

Author — Lorenzo Notarianni


“Knowing that he’s not going to be around forever…” just guts me. I sure do miss you my Ollie bygollie shortbus squareface the third. Every day.

Author — Jamie Hughes


We got a great dog like this when my kids were younger, and she just passed at 15 years and three months. We will forever miss her love and companionship

Author — Chris Dixon


Why can’t animals live longer? They are pure unconditional love and joy. I’m so thankful for my fur babies ❤️

Author — Jackie Gorman


When I was born, my father had a dog. She was already 10 years old and had puppy's once (my father castrated her after that) and she was really sad she couldn't get pregnant any more, so she sort of adopted me and became really protective. She would bark and growl at every person/dog who looked at me in a way she didn't like and I loved her more than anything. She died when I was 6, I'm 18 now and I'm crying writing this. (But good news I got a puppy for my 18th birthday (2 month ago) and I'm going to get her and cuddle with her until I'm not sad anymore)

Author — Natalie


This house is filled with so much love. Can’t wait to have a dog someday so my son can grow up with. Dogs are the best! 🥰😍

Author — Jessica Torres


2:45 "Knowing that he's not going to be around forever, it makes me just try and appreciate him so much while he's here. I can't imagine our lives without him."

Author — female alpha


He doesnt go out when its raining
He is warm and cozy

...perhaps im a Dog

Author — LostLuck50


That’s how me and my dog were, she was my best friend and never left my side until she passed away two years ago 😔
edit: I rly wanted to thank everyone for their condolences 🥺

Author — London


When you raise a good dog, it comes with a protective instinct to new babies or children to know it's part of the pack. In this dogs heart his life actually has a purpose. That is really big, dog or human.

Author — Sameul L Jacson


Yes! They are family members. Pets bring a lot of HEALING TO OUR HEARTS.
Blessings to you and family 🙏🏼💕

Author — Sheila Price


I love your bulldog. He has a lot of heart and soul. His eyes say it all. He's an Angel sent from above.♥️🐾

Author — Lorraine


I had a english bulldog named Snoop. One of the best dogs I have ever had. They don't live long, so enjoy every minute you have with them. Snoop passed after 8 years and that was the saddest day in my life. My only regret about this breed is their short lifespan.

Author — Jeepers Creepers


"He won't leave the house when it's raining"
"He's so dense"
"He loves being warm and cozy"

Well, him and I have a lot in common

Author — Jay J.