Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics - Bluebeard (DVD QUALITY)

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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (GFTC)
S01E16 Bluebeard

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"You don't even know this man! I cannot allow you to marry a stranger!"

Josephine's oldest brother has common sense. He knows what he's talking about.

Author — Mathew Thornton


I enjoyed these as a kid, even when they were scary, though not as much as the happy ones. Original versions were more disturbing. But stories are a relatively safe way to learn the world isn't perfect or entirely safe, whom you can count on, & what's suspicious.

Author — Natasha Estes


I came looking for this series cause of a rush of nostalgia and this is one of the episodes I vividly remember in childhood hahaha. I saw a lot of comments where this episode wasn't aired in their countries but what I can say is that it aired in the Philippines along with a Tagalog dub on TV too! I remember waiting for this show everytime it came. And I also remember watching this ep. Maybe this ep scared me as a kid a lot and I retained it in my memory hahaha

Author — Ramona Dal Salan


"Curiosity killed the wife".
Or so is the moral of this version of the tale, written by Charles Perrault. It was meant to teach young girls to obey their husbands, which clearly reflects its time and culture. However, earlier versions of the tale exist in which the wife is a heroine instead, contributing to save future women and to bring Bluebeard down. An example of this is the English folk tale "Mr. Fox", in which the lady outsmarts Bluebeard by outing him for his crimes during a dinner. When the lords find out, they hack him to pieces.

Author — F CV


if Bluebeard wasn't a maniac who killed his wives, he'd probably be a great person.

Author — Savannah Hague


Anyone else notice Bluebeard bares a strong resemblance to Henry VIII?

Author — Joe Weatherford


Imagine making a survival horror video game out of this fairy tale

Author — ErinPrimette


I find it hilarious that they cut out the scene where Bluebeard stabs the woman in the beginning but left the scenes with the rotting corpses

Author — D4Peters


"For a moment she had been a princess, but she had forgotten to be caring and trustworthy. The treasures of her dream had vanished, but her new riches of love and trust would last forever." Are you kidding?! She found out her husband was a serial killer, yet somehow SHE'S the one that was untrustworthy and uncaring? Haha! I've been binge-watching these all day!

Author — SmittenKitten


In the true story of bluebeard, the bride took control the entire manor after his horrible husband died (thanks for her brothers). She buried the dead wives bodies, shared some of her fortunate with her family, her sister married her beloved man and she married a good man who's kindness help her rid of the awful memory of bluebeard and she learned valuable lessons which reflected the morals of this tale.

1. Never marry a stranger you've just met
2. Never accept a blind trust
3. Curiosity killed the cat
4. You must count on your family even when things go wrong
5. Some good things can come from bad things
6. Trust your own instincts

Author — Sarah276602


Story: About a physcopath who brutally murdered his wives and kept them in a room
Intro: *happy fairytale song*

Author — SilverCipher00


Ironically, it was Bluebeard who ended up teaching her about honesty and trustworthiness.

Author — Ira Sutton


How’d you get it so crisp and clear?! 😲 this is the best quality I’ve ever seen!

Author — JustSomeOkami


I remember watching this show as a kid on Nickelodeon in the late 80's with David the gnome coming on right after. I find it funny how some people would say that this show is not for kids when in truth these stories where much more darker when they first came out long ago as bedtime stories. It goes to show how our society has changed since then....

Author — Marcus Cristy


Dam this was a dark one. I know grimms fairy tales are meant to be dark, but keeping his multiple wives corpses that he killed as possessions is pretty freaky for kids.

Author — Mr Orc Shaman


I watched this when I was little and haunted me for years! I'm now watching with my 7- year-old son and he's not scared at all...!

Author — H.S Kim


I remember this episode being my favorite out of all Grimm's Fairytales as a kid. I don't really see it as dark as adults said to me before.

Author — Alyssa Mae


One interesting point, the king decided to marry her because he heard that she had dream to be married with king and because she was poor he thought that she could trust him and follow all his rules since he thought it's richness that's all she wanted so she would never rick to lose it, which was shown at the end when he wanted to kill her calling her the peasant or something like that.

Author — Gospodin Nelson


i grew up watching these. watching it as an adult brings back so many memories

Author — asadbek


I love how cheery the theme song is when this tale is so gory XD

Author — Briar Rose