Tenerife (Spain) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Tenerife (Spain) Vacation Travel Video Guide 4.5

Vacation travel video about destination Tenerife in Spain.
Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, captivating, mysterious and vibrant, the ‘island of eternal spring’. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and located just three hundred kilometres from the African continent.Santa Cruz De Tenerife, north east of the island, is its capital, port and commercial metropolis. The Capitania General, which once served as the seat of the island’s military governors, recalls the time of General Franco’s rule. In addition to the Canary’s flora and fauna, the abundant remains of an extinct culture is particularly interesting, the islands’ indigenous people, the Guanches. Well-preserved mummies, which have been found in numerous caves, document their mummification ritual. Puerto De La Cruz is located on the splendid north coast, a city where both old and new combine and with a fishing and harbour district that were founded around five hundred years ago. With its Neo Classical bell tower, the Francia De La Peña Church dominates among palms, oleander and hibiscus. Teide National Park contains solidified boulders of lava and pumice fields that originated from volcanic activity. A huge crater formed around five hundred thousand years ago when the primal Teide Volcano erupted repeatedly. An island born of fire and water where remarkable weather, mysterious volcanoes and deep blue sea determine everyday life and where vegetation and moon landscapes capture the attention. Tenerife is most certainly the priceless pearl of the Canary Islands.



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Great video. Thanks for sharing. We were in Tenerife in November and also made a short video. We got some good ideas from your film. Thanks again and keep posting.

Author — Neil Deegan


Many thanks for presenting a HD guide; my connection is so slow I've to dowload to view on my big screen tv - Superb!  Best travel chanel on YouTube.

All the best, and thanks.


Author — michael john Hargreaves


They didn't show the Guirmes pyramids, which is only the most interesting site

Author — briantravelman


Congratulations the video is a beauty...but I changed that horrible music that is not flamenco or anything or has to do with the islands. 🇮🇪💚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Author — Brianna Ysiam O'Donnell