HD Russian Army Parade, Victory Day 2005 Парад Победы

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HD Russian Army Parade, Victory Day 2005 Парад Победы 4.5

This is the parade in Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 60th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. This parade would mark the last time veterans would go past Red Square (although on trucks this time, not marching past), so it is very notable in that respect. Several foreign leaders were present at this parade, including US President George W. Bush, who sat next to President Vladimir Putin. Taking the salute is Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. Commanding the parade is Commander of the Moscow Military District, General of the Army Ivan Yefrimov. Music performed by the Combined Orchestra of the Moscow Garrison conducted by Colonel Valery Khalilov.

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This Is 2005? But The Quality Of The Video Is Like 2015

Автор — Lutfan Naury


I love how Bush legitimately enjoys the parade. Perhaps the little boy in him emerged to show amazement and joy. Bush isn't the only one. A lot of the heads of state seemed to enjoy it. God, I hope they never stop hosting these parades. If I ever get the chance in my life to visit one, I will take it without thinking twice.

Автор — JCB


I like how the guy at 19:10 gets eaten by the flag

Автор — The Professor


38:24 Bush said to Putin "That's a good speech!". "Thank you!", Putin responded while holding Bush's arm in a friendly manner. I read their lips just what the late HW had said.

Автор — Paolo Cabling


i don't see those veterans anymore in the 2015 parade, sigh.
i bet most of them went to reunite with their lost gone counterparts already.


Автор — Edward Lo


..Тех, кто ехал в полуторках, уже не осталось НИКОГО.. ВСЕ УШЛИ, Вечная им память и спасибо за Жизнь и Победу! 2018-й.. будем помнить и дальше.

Автор — Elena Ni Rhavenn


Masha'Allah So Great, Makes Me Want To Be Russian.. But I'm A Welsh Man From Wales Britain... Long Live Mother Russia Insha'Allah I Go Mother Russia One Day

Автор — Imran Abdullah


46:20 the heroes of mother russia :, )

Автор — tec-corner


Момент, когда ветераны едут в полуторках - до слез. Спасибо им за все. Наверное, уже никого из них нет в живых, но они в нашей памяти. Наши герои.

Автор — Паха Барыш


This parade has so many communist and soviet symbols it feels like it is a October revolution parade.

Автор — Celina Labadi


May 11, 2020 a few days past 75 years. Someday we will all learn to live together as brothers without slaughtering each other, until then we must never forget the massive cost of when we don't.

Автор — Andrew Pulda


In case you looking for 'Sacred War'

Автор — Blossom Utonium


I See Bush!
Russia is perfect.
Respect From Australia :D

Автор — _Unknown_


I feel like this is the most soviet parade, the abundance of soviet symbols and the atmosphere reminds me of the 7 November parades

Автор — NeuesLied


White House Presidential Briefing: Sir there's gonna be communist and Soviet themed flags everywhere. But, that's not all. The Soviet Anthem is going to be played.

Автор — Random Guy


Look at all those vets. Makes me heart warm to see all these old warriors being celebrated for the heroism they gave.

Автор — Jonnny Ren


When the us was the most important guest in the parade

Автор — Luis Suárez


This is a big event back then. I heard that high-level representatives from 65 countries was presented, included about : 56 state leaders, the UN chief and the EU chief. It was the largest gathering of world leaders in Russian history, isn’t it ?

Автор — Minh Nhật Trần


Буш посмотрел и понял что нихрена у них не вышло

Автор — Русский Дворъ


In 1995 my grandfather, a Pole from Lower Silesia, received a medal from Moscow on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of VICTORY. The whole family was shocked because the Russians grandfather took them to the army in April and released them in May. He didn't fight for a long time but the medal is there.😃

В 1995 году мой дедушка, поляк из Нижней Силезии, получил медаль из Москвы по случаю 50-летия ПОБЕДЫ. Вся семья была в шоке, потому что дедушка русских взял их в армию в апреле и отпустил в мае. Он долго не сражался, но медаль есть. 😀

Автор — Tata Zosi