Paula Temple – Time Warp 2018 (Full Set HiRes) – ARTE Concert

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Paula Temple – Time Warp 2018 (Full Set HiRes) – ARTE Concert 5
Paula Temple at Time Warp 2018 (full set)

Seit über 15 Jahren geht Paula Temple konsequent ihren eigenen musikalischen Weg. Die bekennende Noisician lebt in Berlin und ist spezialisiert auf einen lauten, gespenstischen Techno-Sound, bei dem jeder Moment der Stille ohrenbetäubend wirkt. Mit ihrer energiegeladenen Musik hat sie sich an die Spitze der zeitgenössischen Techno-Szene katapultiert.
Voilà plus de quinze ans que Paula Temple suit sa propre voie musicale. Artiste du bruit – selon sa propre définition – et Berlinoise d’adoption, elle a créé un son techno bruyant et fantasmagorique rendant chaque silence assourdissant. Une musique survoltée qui a propulsé Paula sur le devant de la scène techno actuelle.

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"Charlotte de Witte is the queen of techno" they say. Poor amateurs! This is real shit! Long life for the goddess Paula!

Author — Aníbal Torija


Where is the guy with the full tracklist ? :o

Author — Gabriel Jourdy


5:40 Alden Tyrell - Interceptor (Clone Basement Series 026.4A)
9:04 VII Circle - Alpha (Farrago Remix)
10:45 Paula Temple - Raging Earth
16:10 Shlømo - Hardwave
17:40 Dotwav - Gravitation
21:38 Shlømo - Parhelion
23:18 Ben Gibson-Infiltration
25:25 - ???
30:05 - ???
33:45 Paula Temple - This Country (Paula Temple's Instrumental mix)
36:45 AOUD - Se Mkii
41:15 Slam - Pantera
44:10 - ???
47:40 Hemka & Moteka - Apogee :D (been looking for this one!)
49:55 Slam - Constructivism
53:00 VII Circle - Eternal
56:13 ???
1:01:00 ??? LOOKING FOR THIS ONE it's lovelyyy
1:07:00 Splinter (UA) - Explosion Fracture
1:11:50 Paula Temple-Joshua and Goliath (Techno Version)
1:14:47 ???
1:22:09 Sciahri - Faith Healing

1:25:56 Oscar Mulero & Indigo Kennedy - Catharsis


Author — Mich M. D.


People should stop hating on the new techno artists and let’s just appreciate the fact that there are new ones emerging every time that wanna keep the old sound alive....I love me some Paula temple but I also appreciate Amelie Lens, Nina, Charlotte, etc the end of the day....Big Room House sucks dick. Techno on folks!!

Author — TheMac andDon


This is the stuff i need not capriati etc.

Author — Marc


She really gets techno, so that what she transfer to all ravers, pure energy.

Author — David Martínez Mejía


I dare to say that this was the best set of time warp...

Author — Domagoj Munich


If I ever get knocked out from a heart attack just blast this set full volume at me to revive me.

Author — Robert


This man on 19:47 Dancing is my spirit animal.

Author — Proyecto JuanC


Paula, Rebekah, Phase, best Techno DJ's in the technoworld for me

Author — Ju Channel


obviously everyone left with no teeth

Author — Τονυ Αζαμι


Wish there were less hyenas in the crowd

Author — alexizdabestPSN


30:25 onwards killed me. Such a relaxing sound, perfect calm before the storm

Author — Stolen Ravage


Una de las Reinas del Techno. Sesionaza Techno. Minuto 8 temazo de Amelie Lens Inselence

Author — Javi Martinez


2:34 lol the notebook's keyboard is on *RAVE MODE*

Author — Mulèro


Paula is SICK, never could even dislike anything she's done!

Author — Sherif Samy


cant wait to see her in a feel days!
dgtl sp

Author — Wise mushr00m


48:47 Where my death would start 48:57 Where I'd die

Author — Loren Sofia


I've watched like 10 of these. This is the best by far. Big ups.

Author — Andrew Eherts


the black t-shirt industry must love these guys

Author — Moody L