Innistrad Midnight Hunt Standard Deck Tier List (MTG)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

Crimson Vow spoiler season starts later this week, but we've still got three weeks of Innistrad Midnight Hunt standard to play in real life, so Dev thinks now is a good time to take stock of the best decks in the format in what's becoming a once-per-season tradition - the Standard tier list.

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I've been into magic for almost ten years now, never played standard, but Dev is still on my mtg YouTube rotation. That's how nice it is here, with the cards and the felines and the general friendliness and what have you.

Author — Pru-Pruh


It would be cool to see the mana symbols over the art you choose to represent the deck. When I was a new player remembering all the names for the color combinations was a headache

Author — elchingon12346


Love all the breakdowns. This is my favorite MTG channel by a mile.

Author — James Kane


Love me a good session of listening to Dev talk cards 🤗

Author — Poofy Peanut02


The plural dragons assumes you are playing at least two different dragons in Izzet Dragons. If you don't have 2 separate dragon creatures then you're playing Izzet Epiphany.

Author — TheFizzjunior


I’ve been loving Azorius tempo. When you win games with that deck it feels like the opponent didn’t stand a chance

Author — Tyler Gist


I think Izzet Turns and Izzet Dragons are quite different decks: splashing a couple of dragons in a Izzet Turns doesn't make it a Izzet Dragons, but the list that won the championship had no Galvanic Iteration at all and that brings a quite different gameplay.
They deserve to be treated as different lists Imo, like Grixis Epiphany is considered a different list.

Author — Claudio Fantoni


Always love this ranking videos! Looking forward to more budget (and other) videos!

Author — Jack Pabich


I love these videos Dev, always good to get your take on the tournament results. Looking forward to spoiler season! Spread love and be kind !

Author — dtigertron


Hey Dev! First off I love all that you do. Secondly don’t stop reminding me to like and comment, I need the nudge sometimes! Finally I do think it’s important to distinguish between the UR Dragons and UR Epiphany decks. The dragons decks do actually kill you and I think they are very different decks. Both still deserved S tier IMO. Keep up the great work Dev!

Author — Jason Strickland


Izzet Turns is absolutely S-tier at making me quit Standard.

Author — wwwaldo333


I played green stompy to get my event sleeves. It did really well, the lotus cobra really worked in one game, but did nothing else in any other game.

Author — Obadijah Parks


Dev doing his best Branden impression at the end… made me giggle. 😆

Author — laidout21


Actually I think this is spot on Dev. Great work. The issue is if Epiphany gets the hammer then the decks stay the same but Grixis falls but Mono Green becomes the S tier. This is why I think Chariot should get the hammer with Epiphany to really shake up the tiers and diversify the meta.

Author — KebbieG


Great breakdown. Could you show some of the cards when you’re talking about them?

Author — Daniel Candidi


I've been playing the Mono Black midrange (or control haha). Started this season silver 4 and now I'm at diamond 2. Been pretty fun to play!!

Author — Breno Antunes


Dev, your analysis is consistently spot on. You're a pro! ... the creepy whispering is a little unsettling though🤣

Author — Jay Walker


absolutely perfect tier list...… I play boros aggro because i like a challenge.... more asmr dev that was awesome

Author — Cavan Horvath


I like the bant Party version oh Marc Petersen way better. Saw him doing pretty good in the First red Bull with 7:1

Author — KracherLP


Gruul Werewolves feels like it should perform better than it does, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Author — Quarter_Turn