The World’s Largest 10 Economies in 2030

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The World’s Largest 10 Economies in 2030 4.5
According to projections by a prominent multinational bank, 7 of the world's 10 largest economies will be in emerging markets by 2030.

Ranking by GDP in 2030 (PPP):

1. China ($64.2 trillion)
2. India ($46.3 trillion)
3. United States ($31.0 trillion)
4. Indonesia ($10.1 trillion)
5. Turkey ($9.1 trillion)
6. Brazil ($8.6 trillion)
7. Egypt ($8.2 trillion)
8. Russia ($7.9 trillion)
9. Japan ($7.2 trillion)
10. Germany ($6.9 trillion)

Source: Standard Chartered Bank

Additional note:
GDP (PPP) uses international dollars adjusted for purchasing power parity. This is a standard practice by economists, and contrasts to GDP (nominal), in which everything is in USD, but not adjusted for relative costs.

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Indonesia, China, Japan, India. Fantastic Four

Author — tian kinos


Great job India you do it respect from China. 2025 the world competitors just 🇮🇳 and 🇨🇳

Author — 蔡英文是我的馬子


"Anyone who believes in indefinite growth of anything physical on a physically finite planet is either a madman or an economist." – Kenneth Boulding

Author — sentido kumon


The reason Turkey grows fast, is because they have a Young Population (Most of the people in Turkey are young)

Author — uAozzie


Top 4 largest economy in the world in 2030
1. China
2. India
3. US
4. Indonesia
World largest population 2018
1. China
2. India
3. US
4. Indonesia

Edit:thx for 178 likes :)

Author — random uploader official


Asia will rules the world🔥
Love from indonesia🇮🇩❤



NO one can predict the future. Data of economy are useless if your living standard stay a low level.

Author — 林清泉


I am happy to see how china is doing. The great civilization is back again. But chinese please dont forget your culture as you get richer. I also hope india learns from chinese and builds good infrastructure soon.

Author — Teemo


Egypt (or any other country) will not grow 8 times in just 10 years. It has to grow 23% yearly for that.

Author — Russian Marching songs


Indonesian loves working, and of course we will grow fast 😎

Author — Jayasurya Koriagung


India No.1 ! love India from North Korea

Author — Yaboz LZ


Asia will rule the world yeah...indiaa❤

Author — Samiran Go


It is a purchasing power. This is not economic order and it is completely correct.

Author — Ramazan Kılıç


Egypt ahead of Germany not in a million years

Author — 999mrkhaled


Re-posted due to mysterious Youtube flickering issues that occurred during processing.

Sorry for the inconvenience 8)

Author — Visual Capitalist


The Economic world is a dynamic place. Years back, when I read the 'BRIC' report from Goldman Sachs, I didn't believe it. Or even before that, the BusinessWorld published "The Rise of India". It completely shattered our conventional mindset. But today both China and India are economic powerhouse. Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam are other bright spots. Not so sure about Turkey or Egypt. Western dominance will be diminished.

Author — Amadeus SoCal


Asia the most powerful and rich Sub-Continent!

Author — 10k Likes


my home jakarta is sinking so fast i literally laugh at the idea of the biggest megapolis

Author — Rico


India will quadraple 2018's GDP in 12 years...Noice

Author — Kishore Singh Rajput


Egypt ? It won't be in top 10 probably

Author — Lifelong Learner