ASMR | VETERINARIAN EXAM ROLE PLAY | Personal Attention | Isabel imagination (sponsored by Raycon)

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In this calming ASMR close-up role play video, you can relax to the sound of my close up ear to ear whispers and get tingles from the layered sounds in your ears.

00:00 Raycon
01:21 Intro
02:20 Writing down information
03:36 Opening up the cage
04:22 Putting gloves on
04:53 Stethoscope
06:37 Looking at teeth
07:29 Otoscope
10:05 Looking at eyes with light
12:33 Brush fur
14:48 Give medicine
15:47 Write down exam results
16:36 Give treat
17:50 Goodnight 😴

Sit back and relax with headphones on, let this video comfort you before bedtime!

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My name is Isabel and I'm Dutch. My approach to ASMR video’s is combining entertainment in a form of imagination and fantasy (almost movie like) with relaxation. All wrapped into one video for you. This way you can enjoy my videos either before you go to bed to drift off easier, or you can just take a moment of relaxation during the day to calm down and relieve stress.
I’ve been posting ASMR video's since the 20th of June 2016! I hope you like it!


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Mics: AKG C214, two microphones to create a nice stereo sound

Editing program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Triggers on this channel are: scratching, tracing, brushing, wet mouth sounds, whispering, ramble, mouth sounds, hair sounds, visual triggers, hand movements, tapping, shiny objects, crinkle, deep ear whispers, soft spoken, mouth sounds, tapping, finger flutter, whispering ear to ear, breathy whispers, binaural sounds, personal attention, close up tingles.


This video is meant for relaxation and can also help relieve anxiety, depression or stress, however I am not a psychiatrist, so if you are dealing with severe anxiety, depression or stress I suggest you go to a professional.

💬 Comments

13:29 "You have the softest fur ever"
That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. 🐶

Author — Cosmic Wonderer


Most beautiful veterinarian I've ever seen !!!! 😍😍😍

Author — Rodrigo Silva


I'm gonna make sure my cats are not around when watching this....they always freak out at the Vet 😆

Author — MSDesign ASMR


Isabel: you can call me Isabel.
Me, the animal: ... *animal sounds*

Author — DMAC26


Took mi a while to realize I was, in fact, a cat. Kitty has more social skills than me. Keep up the good work. The sound quality has gone up significantly last couple of months.

Author — Berfomed 2


5 or 6 years ago i had a cat called "Kalle" and he had to get a tooth removed, so we took him to the Vet and the most insane thing happened, the Vet actually killed my cat!... he survived and got 4 more years out of his life, but what happened was that, she gave him waaaay too much Anesthesia, he did fine when he got home, for a little while atleast, you could really see that she had drugged him alot, i tried to get him to just stay in one place and lay down and in the end he did, so i had my hand on his back to pet him and to keep an eye on him, but then he stopped breathing... with all the Anesthesia she gave him, he literally had a heart attack and while i ran around panicking and looking up Vets who were still open, i also had to give him CPR, so i called my neighboor up and we just drove as fast as we could. We got him back during the car ride, but he really died for like 2 or 3 minutes.

We arrived at the same time as the Vet as i found and emergency number for a Vet who were available on phone 24/7 and man she got him back, she spent over an hour keeping him alive and he were in and out of conciousnes, but in the end she managed to get his heart going proberly, she really messed with my little guy with blankets and needles and such, so he didn't like her much and i totally understand that, but for the rest of his life i used her as his doctor, no way in hell am i going back to the doctor who almost took his life...

Author — alexander bjerregaard


Thanks for the check up Izzy.
I was feeling a little "ruff"

Author — Jeremiah Makes Comments


I am being a pet today🥺

Uwu thank you so much Isabel for this lovely video❤🥺

Author — Salishe Carwana


I'm sure my Mojo would be more than happy to visit a relaxing & caring vet like you. I know I would 😄 (that's my lil Jack Russell terrier btw) This was one of the nicest vet consultation I've seen in a while. And I gotta tell ya, your breathy style of whispering is really nice, very relaxing 😴😴😴 Loved this vid, I like how creative you always are ✨. Absolutely phenomenal work, Isabel! Happy Sunday! 🌞

Author — DarrenAshenOne


Nice video Isabel, so interesting to see through the pets perspective! 💕
Weird coincidence that I actually had to take my dog to the vet this week. He's 11yo and I'm always very aware and scared about any weird signs, but turns out he just has a cold. He's on medication now so hopefully he'll be fine soon! 🤞

Author — J. Liz


Not gonna lie, sometimes I just want to be a cat 😅 thanks Isabel, that was like a dream come true!

Author — Sogand


This was so neat, creative, and tingly with your whispering! It sort of reminded me of your "Be My Cat" video from a few years ago.

BTW, how is Maui? I hope he is doing well and not having any issues due to his heart condition. I'm sure he's still the same loving, cute, and playful cat he's always been!

Author — Don Adams


Great Vid.!, Especially when you get close to the mic😍🤗

Author — Marian


Siempre es interesante escuchar tus asmr, Isabel ...🤗❤

Author — Sergio Gonzalez


Great video Isabel. I love this camera perspective and doctor Clark role play videos 👌❤️👍🥰😘😍

Author — Simeon Bennett


As a person who loves animals; 🥰🥰 Great video Isabel

Author — Astro


Would be interesting to walk around on all fours for a day and see the world through my dogs eyes

Author — Stewart Mcrae


I really needed this today, thank you Isabel I love you so so so so much!

Author — Caitlin Hanmore


I'm not exaggerating when I say you're one of the best ASMRtists I've listened to!

I personally like these close whispering/personal attention vids the best, so I'd wanna say thank you for putting your time into this Isabel 💕

k without further ado, ill go sleep now lmao

Author — jellatin


Listening to these videos, .. make me want to curl up in your arms. They come across as so tender and protecting.

Author — Ken Coleman